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About the Author

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I was born in Eastern Europe; Los Angeles is my home for the last 40 years and I am a practicing physician. Scribbling anything on paper or for that matter on a screen, I considered all my life a nightmare. To cut a long story short, this time I made an exception.

How many 73-year-old men will meet a 31 years younger woman willing to jump in a relationship that, by now, passed 10-years? A few weeks, even a few months I could understand, but not a decennium and some months. Unusual! Unusual, especially as we never tied the knot and do not live together. Maybe this is at least one explanation of the relationship longevity. The other one is our remarkable sexual attraction and compatibility that never faded with time.

Not my mother tongue, English was very challenging. Speaking is one thing, writing a novel, it a completely different ball game. It feels, however, wonderful to be done. Good or bad, I became an author in my later years. Now, I can cross the lines of eternity with a smile on my face.


In the last moment, after the narrative was already fully edited, I decided to write a foreword for the book. To have a correct English, I enlisted the help of an English teacher, who happened also to be a screenwriter, that I did not know.

He concluded that my story could be adapted for the big screen.

We wrote a movie proposal - The Deck, as it is known by the industry.

If interested, it can be seen at: www.agelessthefilm.com






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