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Stephen Leon Pearson
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Stephen Leon Pearson is an Iowa born musician and writer who spent the entire 1970s in his beloved city of Chicago before joining the love of his life in Colorado in the early 1980s. Stephen is a classically trained musician with a degree in music but also studied creative writing. He loves both writing and playing music. Upon graduation from college he was torn between music and writing which may explain his ultimate career as a computer programmer. As a musician, he does not play a modern flute. He does, however, play recorders and Native American Flute as well as tuba. When not playing instruments, he sings. While in Chicago he was friends with several dedicated but starving artists. Stephen visited the Art Institute many times. His favorite collections are from the Medieval period through the Baroque. This mirrors his love for music of the same period. Of course, he also gazed into the Seurat. He first self-published in 1972 with his book of poetry, “Poems of Stephen Pearson.” It is out of print but still shows up now and then on Amazon. Even after writing hundreds of additional poems, Stephen has not published another volume of poetry. His explanation is that he just hasn’t gotten around to it. Even so, he believes self-publishing liberates creativity from the confines of the publishing market.

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