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About the Author

John Dickson aka RoseBudd BitterDose
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Author Info

Who exactly is the 21st Century Rosebudd?


     When I was a kid, I walked to school with girls. Not in a gay way, but a way that I couldn’t put my finger on until the records, ‘Cadillac Jack’ and ‘Shorty the Pimp’, came out.  I can remember only a couple of the lyrics from each one; ‘Cadillac Jack . . . he sho was a mack’ and ‘Shorty the Pimp . . . he walked with a limp’.  These lyrics were all I ever repeated to myself, when I thought I was sharp.  I felt so strongly about it, I started limping when I walked with the girls to school.  I couldn’t have been in the 5th or, 6th grade at the time, but I swore I was going to be a PimP.

     As I grew up, I idolized my older brother, Mr. Gipso. Gip had so many women calling him, my mother used to whip him for it. I can remember several occasions when two girls came to our house to see him and bumped heads, they started fighting over him.  I used to eat that stuff up and had to some way, learn how to do it. I thought he was a PimP, but he wasn't.

     Hanging around the pool hall, I was able to meet some real PimPs and began to really want to PimP.  I went to Oakland and PimPed on MacAuthur Blvd and got a little Game, but it was Hollywood where it all came together, and my star began to shine.  I soon found myself PimPing with the elite PimPs, on the Hollywood scene and actually holding my own.

     Only 2 years into that scene, I bought a Rolls Royce, with ho dough only and my understanding became clear; I was born to PimP and PimP I did.  I stayed ‘snowed in’, with at least a white bitch for, each door.  PimPing hos like it just didn’t matter, serving Game to those bitches, from a solid platinum platter.

     That was the old RoseBudd. The RoseBudd of the 21st century is a different person. I'm on the path of the written word, to establish myself as a celebrated author. My goals are not stopping there. I want SideWalkUniversity to blow up. I want to leave an impression on the world, an impression my children can be proud of.

     I’ve earned my Master’s Degree in Teaching and Learning With Technology.  I have earned a B.A. in Sociology with an Education Concentration and graduated Magna Cum Laude. I received a lot from my life in the streets and found I’ve a great deal more to give back, than I took out of those streets.  It’s become my goal, to inform young men, at an early age that they have all they need, to make something of themselves.

     I truly enjoy teaching, but that's only a small part of what my plans are for the coming years.  I understand it takes mental toughness to become a true man in today’s world. At SWU, I try with every student to show them, they have what it takes to do or, be anything they can think of.

     Another thing I’ll do, is get myself noticed as an author.  I’ve written 20 books and have 8 of them, published with bookbaby. There’s a big audience out there, waiting to hear from me and what I have to say will foster a dedicated following. Teens don’t read enough and I believe, it’s because there isn’t a lot out there that'll hold the teenager of today’s, attention.

     There are many subjects and if approached in the proper manner, I can get the kids reading more and I plan to tap into that void.  The computer world is something I stayed away from, mostly because it robs you of your own thoughts. Instead of me thinking, I find myself sitting and waiting for google. I'm learning there's a myriad of ways to accomplish my goals, and it's all related to Active Learning.    

     I admire the way my brother, Clinton Dickson Jr. picked himself up by the bootstraps and bought 30 houses and haven’t worked for anyone, other than himself in over 40 years.  The men and women I admire, I haven’t followed to the extent, I know their portfolios, but among them are, Kambon Obayani, an English Professor at Northridge University.

     Dr. Kambon Obayani Ph.D, is a man that has traveled the world, studying different cultures and fluently speaks 15 languages.  I had the pleasure of meeting him over 30 years ago, when I was knee deep in the PimP Game. He saw my potential as a writer and mentored me.  He didn’t judge me, and when I asked about that, he told me something important that I'll never forget.  He said, “Each one, teach one.”  I wouldn’t go as far as to say I want to emulate him, or any other businessman, but I will say I'm looking for my avenue to leave an impression on the world.

     The only way I want to emulate any man is, in achieving success.  I don’t mean this in a negative sense, but I don’t want to emulate any successful business person.  I want to forge my own path and make it with the tools I acquire along the way.  Magic Johnson, Russell Simmons, P Diddy, Jay Z, are all quite successful, to name a few, but just as they did, I will also.  Each of them had their own formulas for success and believed in it, as I do.

     John Kehoe is another man I admire, because of the way he found the key to controlling what and how he think.  I respect the way he believed in his new thoughts. I don’t want to sound conceited, but I have no peers and those I respect, already have achieved most, if not all they want to do in life.

  I’m in the middle stuck here, until I get what I believe will be the propelling force in my quest; a full knowledge of life and an increasing ability to teach.


Everything is coming up roses, these days for John Dickson. Eight of his 20 books are on and the others will soon follow. John is documenting the rise of SWU, SideWalkUniversity, an online school for young males who want to find the keys to being a responsible man. This, along with writing, has been a passion, a labor of love and a long time coming, but finally we can all say, 'Hello', to me, John Dickson ask RoseBudd BitterDose.

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