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Robert E. Willis
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Poetry, to me, is an opening of one's self- one's heart, mind, and soulfulness, to the world. It is a type of vulnerability that is at the same time fear inducing and refreshing.

I am a Philadelphia, PA based poet, photographer, and lyricist, who is also an absolute failure at love. I have had more failures than successes, and even the successes were questionable. I started writing poetry in 1988 after a disappointing relationship. Since then it has been one heartbreak after another, one disappointment after another, but I was able to write some good poetry out of it all. 

This is my very first foray into writing a book, and I hope it will lead to some measure of success. Even if it sells only one copy (thanks Mom), that will be a success.

Really, though, I write what I feel, what I think, what I want, what I see. I did not write the first book to make readers think. I wrote it to make readers feel

I have been in love, and have been strongly attracted to very few women, some of whom have inspired the poetry in this, my first book. Others of whom have inspired poetry that was not fit for a book my Mom and daughter will read.  Nevertheless, the poetry in Verses & Things is what I have seen, felt, and thought throughout my very brief existence.

I hope you enjoy it.