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Jim Shelton
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    I am Jim Shelton, an unknown, "unprintable" and unpublished writer in Santa Rosa, CA. I have been submitting this "Unprintable" A Woman's Right to Choice letter -- to The Wahington Post, The New York Times and The Press Democrat of Sonoma -- for the past 5 years and 3 months. (Que Sera -- Sera!).

    A semi-short biography: Jim Shelton is an almost retired general contractor, real estate broker and broke writer in Santa Rosa, CA. Shelton has a strong background in math, science and the humanities. He has a B.A. Degree in Clay. He holds no advanced education or degrees – in religion, science or legal laws.

   Just – some Good Common Sense and an Uncommon Ability with Common Language. And, the Ability to use it Wisely -- in these subjects. Also, a Lifetime of Experience – looking at, wandering around and trying to Understand the World – to draw on. (All the big technical Words – he looks-up on Google).

   This is Shelton’s first attempt to write a Long Opinion Letter – to a newspaper editor.
With Slim Jim’s under-educated abilities, no writing experience and slim biography – he should absolutely never-ever have been Able to Write – these “Unprintable Truth” letters. (It’s just – Impossible!)

   However – Not – for Jim “Possible”.

   Good Common Sense, a Wise Ability with Words – and using Words Alone. That’s, all you need to understand the simple and the complete Truth – about, A Woman’s Right to Choice – over, her Own Body. The Simple Whole Truths – in these “Unprintable Truths” opinion letters. (It’s just – Common Sense!)