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About the Author

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Professor Oscar J Realmsworth throughout his life, is known to walk into a chaotic situation and bring clarity through practical wisdom.  His incredible gift of discernment allows him to understand and focus on the root of a problem rather than just the symtoms, in order to bring positive change and lasting solutions.

He is truly a philosopher and a futurist with great insight, who cares equally about the planet and his fellow human beings, and has a deep compassion for the factors that challenge the human condition.

Oscar loves all people, all species of nature and all of earth, and really loves the business of wealth. His goal is to see everything prosper in its own right and habitat with all sprcies prospering and growing in health and wealth in co-dependence and with interdependency, based on the well-being of all and the replenishment of the host earth.

Oscar knows that this love will propel humans into interplanetary travel in the near future and also intergalatic travel much further ahead - the caveat being though, 'if we survive our current uncivilised destruction of our host earth and our barbaric treatment and abuse of nature and ourselves.'

He believes this book will be a wakeup call for some, a work in progress for others, and a shock for many, as they are challenged to take stock of an abused and dying earth and a weakening failing mother nature, suffering under the breathtaking abuse or her guests and their children called 'humans'!