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Obray Cowan has left an indelible mark, both literal and figurative, on the world stage as the CEO, Owner, and Design Guru of Dermal Designz Tattoo and Piercing, Inc. Renowned as the top-ranking studio in the Lake Norman and surrounding area, Dermal Designz reflects Obray's unwavering dedication to excellence and innovation.

Drawing from his passion for art and film, as well as his formative experiences at the esteemed Full Sail University, Obray honed his craft and embarked on his latest venture, ArtbyO, in 2018. Embodying the essence of divinity and the mantra of "Letting One's Light Shine," ArtbyO swiftly emerged as a beacon of creativity and inspiration.

With the same fervor that fueled the branding of Dermal Designz, Obray has rapidly established himself as a premier, sought-after designer, weaving captivating narratives through vibrant colors and creative expression. From the acclaimed release of the best-selling coloring book "Coloring With ArtbyO" in 2020 to the groundbreaking launch of an interactive coloring application for smartphones and tablets, Obray continues to push the boundaries of artistic innovation.

In 2022, Obray propelled his creative portfolio to new heights with the revolutionary VR application "ArtbyO VR Store and Gallery," seamlessly bridging the realms of art and technology. The following year saw the release of the colorful and inspirational children's novel "Bee Yourself: The Adventures Of Benny The Bee," alongside the dynamic graphic novel series "Favor" and the spiritually illuminating booklet and guide "The White Peacock: Actualizing Oneness and Your Divine Purpose."

Driven by a relentless pursuit of excellence, Obray Cowan is not only a serial entrepreneur but also a creative powerhouse, committed to shaping the landscape of art and storytelling for generations to come.