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My name is Dr. Missy Hood and I have been a Front Runner all my life. Front running within the Design industry, the movie industry, and now within ministry to bring innovative ideas to help people come forward. I believe this is main job description of most of us. Those willing to walk through the fire to make the road less painful for those who come behind us. We are the Front Runners from Heaven and we are used by God to bring Heaven here into the earth no matter which mountain God uses us on (Government. Education, Arts & Entertainment, Business, Media, Family & Church! It matters not to God as He utilizes our vessels to assist in the "trickle down" affect at the top of those mountains. We are mountain climbers, we see "big picture", some call us dreamers, or those who dare to go where no man/woman has gone before! We were born for the fire, we serve around His throne, those throne room warriors who serve at the King's pleasure, His Armor Bearers. Yes…we came from Heaven, so we know it like the back of our hand.

Heaven is a city and there are many facets of Heaven that you would never think would exist.
God tells us we have not because we ask not- and "Be Ye NOT AFRAID- Only Believe!"
I am not a "tell all be all" but I have walked the streets of Heaven since I was a little girl. It was almost like I had brought heaven with me when I was born into the earth.

Some are given the gift of joy, others faith, but VERY few are given the gift of Love (God is Love) from birth. The gift of love is the presence of God on a vessel from the womb to the grave because God wouldn't ever send His warriors into Battle alone! The King Always goes into battle with his troops!

These specialized warriors are also Armor Bearers for God's heart. We were born for the fire and hence our entire lives have felt like a fiery blaze as God has walked us through it. Yet God has helped us to WIN every battle if we stay aligned with Him/Love. Because Love ALWAYS wins!

When God took me into Heaven the first time, I saw my earthly father who had just died one year prior. I asked my dad if I was supposed to stay in Heaven with him and he said "No, God has sent you into the earth to help bring back the Love and God's Glory." I did not know what that meant until now as God is establishing the Ezekiel's Wheel back over His throne. His order, Timing, Seasons, Realms & Frequencies of His spirit. To help Front Runners get RE-ALIGNED back into Love so that God's glory can fall. To accomplish this a warrior's heart MUST be free from all the generational entanglements (curses) so that only pureness abounds. "Blessed are the pure in heart for THEY shall see God (Matthew 5:8, New International Version). Because God is now having His warriors come in through the Outer Court (12 Gates of the Outer Wheel/Represents the 12 Tribes of Israel/12 Gates of Israel) and into His Inner Court so that His pure hearted warriors (The David's: Men and Women after His own Heart) can enter into the seven (7) Gates of his Heart. So those warriors can then MOVE into their Holy of Holies.

THEREFORE, God has brought you here, to Ezekiel's Wheel, to GET YOU PURIFIED to be "READIED" to enter the deepest part of His Heart. Get ready Front Runner! Get ready for the adventure of your life as you journey into the Contraction Points that PRESS you THROUGH and INTO Love like you have never known it before. Into blessing like you have never seen before- INTO THE DOUBLE! For all your trouble while learning to WIN again!