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About the Author

Matthew Pungitore
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To contact him via email: matthewpungitore_writer@outlook.com

MATTHEW PUNGITORE is the author of "To a Dead Soul in Morbid Love" (Cirsova Magazine, Fall 2023). He is the author of "Wychyrst Tower" (Cirsova, Winter 2021). 

His story "Belial Regnum Ignis Fatuus" is in Aegeon Science Fiction Illustrated: Issue 4 (2022). Matthew's editorial "On Film and Modernity: Present Paradox and the Identity of Art," was published in Aegeon Issue 5. Matthew Pungitore is the author of "The Head of the Underworld Dryad" (Aegeon 6); "The Divine Upon the Manticore" (Aegeon 7).

Matthew Pungitore is the author of "The Tale of Marius the Avenging Imp" (DMR Books, Samhain Sorceries, 2022). 

Matthew is the author of The Report of Mr. Charles Aalmers and other stories, Fiendilkfjeld Castle, and Midnight's Eternal Prisoner: Waiting For The Summer

Matthew's story "Bloodthirst Savage" is in The Bizarchives: Issue #4 (2022). 

He has written articles that have appeared on the Aureus Press blog and the Castalia House blog. Matthew has written essays, reviews, articles, and more for the DMR Books blog

He has interviewed Alex of Cirsova Magazine (one interview appeared on the Castalia House blog; a different interview appeared up on the DMR Books blog). 

Matthew Pungitore is the author of the article "Looking upon Arthur Machen’s The Great God Pan; a Review and Reverie" (Castalia House blog). Matthew Pungitore is the author of the guest post "Obsession in The King in Yellow by Robert W. Chambers; a Sentiment, or Review" (Castalia House blog).

Matthew is the author of the article "The Peacock, the Flower, and the Hermit" (IronAge Media blog).