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About the Author

Author Info

Marcela Franco Rivera is a Honduran-born and -raised daughter, sister, partner, friend, engineer, and professional learner. After an eight-year successful career in corporate logistics, she decided it was time to relentlessly pursue one of her ultimate life goals: create inspiration through books. She is passionate about the self-empowerment that comes with overcoming fears and how a book can inspire us to change our lives.

Marcela is an avid reader, writer, traveler, runner, coffeeholic, dreamer, planner and doer.

Marcela's life motto: "I want to defined not by my fears, but by the actions I take to overcome them."

From the author: Why Fearless?

I am extremely passionate about the self-empowerment-especially for women-that comes with overcoming fears. I really wanted to write about this!

For the past five years, the question- “what would I do if I weren’t afraid?” has been one of my guiding lights. And I wanted to share my ideas and perspectives about the immeasurable power of that question.

But most importantly, because to me, a FEARLESS person is not someone that has zero fears. On the contrary, it is someone that acknowledges their fears and is relentless in seeking ways and actions to overcome them.

I really hope that we can be FEARLESS together!