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About the Author

Author Info

Michael Guisao, a lifelong resident of Yonkers, is a fervent storyteller, primarily dabbling in the realms of horror, sci-fi, and fantasy. Although he has yet to grace the published world with his tales, Michael's passion for a thrilling narrative is evident in every piece he crafts.

While he often immerses himself in workshop classes to fine-tune his skills, Michael's love for stories isn't bound just to the written word. A multi-talented creator, he also showcases his artistic side through drawing and designing unique t-shirts that often mirror the haunting and imaginative worlds he depicts in his writing.

When asked about what drives his creations, Michael simply states, "I enjoy the thrill of a good story." In between crafting tales and creating art, you can find glimpses of his work and life on various platforms, including Instagram and TikTok under the handle "Yourpalsals". Though he formerly graced the Twitter world, it's clear that his creativity is ever-evolving, always looking for the next story to tell or design to unveil.