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Lorrie Sarafin has been exploring the Natural World for over 20 years.  She is self-taught on the Native American Flute and learned how to play by taking it out into the Arizona desert.  She is fond of saying her teachers were the wind and all things in Nature.  After self-releasing two music CD’s to critical acclaim (one of which won an award) BEAUTY WHISPERS focuses on some of the mysterious events that happened to her in the desert while learning to play the flute.  Coupled with her photography over the past twenty years, she provides a rich tapestry of beauty and mystery – allowing the reader to become a part of the journey we call Life.  Sarafin’s music  SECOND WIND and MANY PATHS can be digitally downloaded on iTunes and Amazon. 



Readers' Favorite has given BEAUTY WHISPERS a 5 star review!

Reviewed by Daniel D Staats for Readers' Favorite

"Lorrie Sarafin has written a beautiful book in Beauty Whispers: A Celebration of the Beauty and Mystery of Nature. This book is wonderfully illustrated with each page containing a gorgeous picture of the nature that is found in Arizona and the Southwest that spans 20 years of the author's life. Lorrie inspires and encourages her readers as she places her words of wisdom on the various pages over the background of her photos. She not only writes well, but she also is an exceptionally good photographer. You will be thrilled by her adventures along the various trails in the mountains and valleys of the Sedona region. She will have you on the edge of your seat when she accidentally runs into a bobcat. Will the cat attack her or will they part in peace? She also has an interesting story of meeting face-to-face with a beautiful elk as she walks one of the trails.

This book is a masterpiece of the beauty of nature. Lorrie Sarafin tries to live in harmony with nature and this book shows her profound respect for all that is around her. Beauty Whispers highlights Lorrie’s photos of animals—lizards, birds, bobcats, etc.—which are interspersed with photos of beautiful rock formations. Lorrie’s personal observations and notations will draw the reader into her world and encourage each reader to spend more time reveling in nature. So many people today are too busy to enjoy a nature hike. Lorrie wants to change that and she encourages people to go outside and commune with nature. She also shows people how to respect all things natural."

Many of those who have bought the book have sent to me their thoughts: 

--  Heartfelt images with words like visual haiku.

--  It is your love letter to the desert. 

--  Just received your book - it’s beautiful, congrats!

--  I was so taken back when I opened your carefully packaged gift. It was almost like reliving my past again.

--  All the desert images grow my yearning to return to that magnificent place. Love the stories. Love the images. Love the quotes. Flesh and Stone particularly moved me. 

--  My “Whispers” arrived yesterday -what a beautiful book of words and your “vision” of the world thru your photos. I will enjoy it for years.

--  Truly an amazing book, Lorrie. I am so glad I got two, because it will make a special gift, too. I am drifting through it, a page or two at a time, to savor the beauty and the messages.

-- Beautiful book!

--  Been savoring it small daily doses to make the first time through last longer! Beautiful book!! 

--  The book is absolutely gorgeous.  I love your photography and stories.

--  It's truly beautiful, the sort of thing you want to leaf through indolently, taking time to study the photos and savor the stories. (The story of the slot canyon really got to me this time.) 

--  At this crazed time especially, we can use all of the positive efforts of artists we can, and any reminders of the deep contact we have with the natural world that is so quietly miraculous on a daily basis. 

--  A most wonderful book! Now in a special place here inside our house. You have created images to be remembered for a long time. 

--  I think it turned out fantastic. You should be quite proud of your work.

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