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Rev. Katherine Bell, MSc.D., Ph.D., D.D.

    Katherine Bell has spent her life seeking to understand and unify with the Divine.  Her early childhood experiences encouraged extensive insight that led to understanding her intuition, spiritual education, and work with angels.  Inspiration from the Holy Spirit revealed secrets to unravel the wisdom within and Katherine is compelled to share it with others.  Her own background and studies includes Metaphysics, Transpersonal Psychology, Holistic Astrology, and Mysticism.  

    For more than fifty years, Rev. Bell has responded to the inner call to serve the Divine by serving humanity.  Through her personal business, TRANSPERSONAL DEVELOPMENT, she offers spiritual counseling, healing, and sacred wisdom.  She is an educator and author.  According to Dr. Bell, “This book  of affirmations is a flow of inspiration from the Divine that is like a river that cannot be stopped!”

    Dr. Bell is also the Founder and CEO of SPICA - Way of Light.  This nonprofit religious corporation offers spiritual education and inspiration to serve the ever-growing population of intuits, healers, and teachers.  The many wisdom classes she has provided to students since 1986 are now incorporated in the University of Divinity.  The premise of this institution is the honoring of the Divine Feminine.  It balances the eons of imbedded memory of the Divine Masculine aspect that humanity knows as He.  Both aspects of Divinity are the Creative Force and Form of life.  The S/He are a unit and knowing the unit is the unfolding of the inherent Oneness that expresses harmony in everything.  Dr. Bell sees the need to bring the Divine Feminine into human reality as it balances the scales and releases the wisdom of the Divine Mother and Father that births the Children of individuality.  In truth, it was her growing awareness of the Divine Feminine that prompted Katherine to share this  knowledge.  A mystical experience was the driving force and form of SPICA - Way of Light.

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