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Jon Garate
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My name is Jon Garate. The last name is Basque, and thus not easy for English speaking people to pronounce. The best you can do is pronounce it like Karate, but with a hard G.

I have a passionate love for liberty – American liberty. I was born and raised in it. My most recent writings are about American Liberty and the United States Constitution. I was born into American liberty in an isolated homestead community on the American frontier and lived the first twenty years of my life in the most powerful form of American liberty – freedom from government under customary law. This law is based on customs, traditions, and principles. It has no connection with government, politics, or police.

            The first twenty years of life were spent on an isolated homestead cattle ranch. This experience of living without any government structure set the stage for my powerful love of liberty. We lived by a form of natural law, known as customary law. This is nothing more than local customs and traditions that help keep peace in a community that has no law enforcement officers or government officials. There are four principles that are the basis of any customary law. One, be a good neighbor; Two, be honest; Three, do your share of the work, and Four, teach these principles to the children. My first liberty book, American Frontier Liberty, Customary Law and Freedom From Government tells this story.

Customary law did more to keep the peace on the frontier than the Colt revolver an the Winchester repeating rifle.

I am first and foremost, a storyteller of oral histories. This comes from my time on the frontier. There was no modern entertainment but one of our most enjoyable entertainments was listening to the old-timers tell their oral histories. I learned the art of storytelling from them. So, my writing follows my natural instinct to present this to you as if am speaking directly to you the reader. I can’t express my love for liberty as passionately in written words as I can with the spoken word, but I will do my best.

I have personally experienced American liberty from pure frontier liberty to U.S. Constitutional Liberty, and finally all the way to where we are today. The liberty we have today is very far away from Constitutional Liberty and even farther away from American Frontier liberty. I call it bureaucratic/corporate liberty.

My next liberty book which is coming out within a few months is titled Understanding the U.S. Constitution by its Principles. Our Constitutional Law has become political, as all things political it has become extremely controversial. However the principles of The Constitution ae timeless and if we want to resolve the Constitutional crisis we are presently in, we need to understand its principles.

You cannot understand The Constitution until you understand its principles, and its principles are easy to understand.

Then comes my third liberty book, U.S. Constitutional Liberty vs. Government out Bounds, an in-depth study of The Constitution as defined by its principles.