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Johnnie E. Williams III


Johnnie E. Williams III is an accomplished author, activist, consultant and speaker that specializes in metaphoric motivation and meaningful mentoring.

Over the past 20 years he has been sought out to encourage students, staff and business professionals within North America and beyond. His client base has included school boards both domestic and abroad and NBA teams have contracted him to inspire youth within their local markets.

Johnnie is a 2- time award winning author of children’s books and curated mentor programs for kids. His voice has been heard by over 1 million students across North America and his philanthropic efforts generated nearly 1 million dollars in government match funding for Nevada students.

Recently, he released the book Something to Think About…, a book of original quotes and daily exercises that are designed to encourage independent thinking.


“I see adults and children who struggle to express themselves. Problems are often created by what we think about. Our society needs to innerstand where our opinions and beliefs come from. We have minds and we can focus on our own thoughts rather than having other people do our thinking for us.”

 “There is a world of possibility when we encourage people to think. The phrase ‘I don’t know’ is used too quickly. It is a bridge that suggests mental laziness.”

 “We should use more phrases that encourage us to think. Instead of saying ‘I don’t know’ we could say things like ‘I’m going to think about it’ or ‘Give me a minute to think about it.”


·        Award Winning Children’s Author

·        Internationally Recognized Speaker

·        20 Years Motivating K-12 Students

·        UNLV Foundation Gold Medallion Award Recipient

·        Nationally Recognized Anti-Bullying Advocate

·        Appointed to Michigan Committee on Juvenile Justice

·        Appoint to the Henderson Blue Commission for Ed. Excellence

Social Media

App – Think About It…

Instagram - @Wnt2ThnkAboutIt

Twitter - @Wnt2ThnkAboutIt

Contact Information


Website – www.JohnnieWilliams.com

Email – johnnie.Williams@mail.com


The Encouragement Specialist Johnnie E. Williams III Ignites a Thought Revolution


Las Vegas, NV- Encouragement Specialist and speaker Johnnie E. Williams III has gotten a lot of satisfaction out of seeing other people win.

Recently, Williams authored ‘Something to Think About…’, a book of 369 of his own original quotes and exercises designed to encourage independent thinking, and improved self-awareness.

“The quotes in my book offer timeless messages that ask the reader to think about the bigger picture. It is a pathway to correct thinking. The daily exercises in the book encourage you to recall your personal thoughts for much deeper answers.”

“Problems are often created by what we think, our opinions, and beliefs; so, we must be careful with our own thoughts and not allow other people do our thinking for us.”

A native of Washington, D.C, Williams has delivered over 1900 presentations to varied types of people over the 20+ years he has been developing his message. His presentations are designed to promote thinking and target the limiting thoughts hidden within our subconscious mind. Williams speaks to diverse audiences about perspective shifting ideas, that challenge ideals. Each of his presentations are designed to build a community of thinkers who contribute solutions that confront societal problems.

“There is a world of possibility when we encourage people to think,” he said.

Johnnie has witnessed the abundant lifestyles of athletes, and entertainers during his time spent assisting his brother Jerome ‘JYD’ Williams with building a solid brand during a nine-year NBA career.

“You can actually think abundance into your life if you fully immerse yourself into high vibrational thoughts,” he said. “You can expect to be challenged when you are working on improving your thinking; but, just be diligent and continue to ask yourself, what am I thinking about, and why?”

“There is a great need for us to wake ourselves up and start a thought revolution.” “The popular phrase ‘I don’t know’ suggests a habit of mental laziness that we must address.”

Along with the release of ‘Something to think About…’, a Think About It… daily thought app has been released in Apple and Android versions. This gift delivers catchy phrases and complete quotes right from the pages of the book.

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Thought Tribe Book Signing Tour (locations pending)

  • 6/19 Memphis, TN
  • 6/26 New York, NY
  • 7/10 Washington, DC
  • 7/17 Minneapolis, MN
  • 7/24 Hartford, CT
  • 7/31 Sacramento, CA
  • 8/7   Miami, FL
  • 8/14 Chicago, IL
  • 8/21 Portland, OR
  • 8/28 Detroit, MI
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