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Kamla Williams (B.A. in English Language and Literature with Education and M.A. in English) is an advocate of early literacy. She believes that the teaching of reading should begin even before formal schooling. From her research, she has found that when children are exposed to the printed word at a very early age, they are less likely to become struggling readers. 

Ms.Williams has written HAIR-PULLING HURTS! as an early literacy tool. It contains words that are already in the child's speaking vocabulary, many of which are repeated as much as 21 times. As word repetition aids word retention, after a few readings, providing the words are being pointed at while being read, the child will most likely retain these words as sight words.

Ms. Williams has written Please Teach Me To Read, Somebody, The 500 Most Used Words In English Workbook, as a tool for parents and teachers to help struggling readers achieve a greater level of reading fluency.  

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