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About the Publisher

Publisher Info

Go Get It Publishing,LLC was formed in 2017, and is the brain-child of Author, L.O.R.D. Novels

scheduled for publications by Go Get It include genres of True Crimes, Science Fiction, Romance,

Urban Fiction and Street Literature. Urban Fiction and Street Literature (street Lit) are two genres

seperated by blurred lines. We define urban fiction as novels that tell stories deriving from Numerous 

aspects in urban enviroments, and street Lit as novels that Specifically portray the actions, crime elements,

 and risky lifestyle associated with the economical underworld in urban communities. Autobiographic, 

Non-Fiction, Fantasy and Childrens books, are all prospects on our future agenda.

OUR COMPANY  is ran by a modest size staff whose life experiences 

mirror the result of significant issues in urban cities. We are more than a business soley formed for the purpose

of providing products for monetary compensation. Go Get It is a brand/movement whose intent is to inspire people

to pursue the positive visions they have for themselves in life. Whether the vision is to fulfill a dream of running your life with loved ones, getting into building a solid family life with loved ones, getting into good physical shape, accomplishing Higher education, or perhaps to achieving financial stability... our motto is  Go Get It!


L.O.R.D.'s Welcome Home Party July 17, 2022 at Terminal 110 in New Haven, CT.

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