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  • Genre:TRUE CRIME
  • SubGenre:Murder / Serial Killers
  • Language:English
  • Pages:288
  • eBook ISBN:9781543995510
  • Hardcover ISBN:9781543995503

Exacerbate; From Victim to Killer

by Aasia Stormm MSP

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Exacerbate in medicine and for this book means, "to increase the severity, bitterness, or violence of (disease, ill feeling, etc.); to aggravate". Behind every foodless/homeless person, every abused person, and every abusing person, there is a horror story. In this book, we will visit the terror behind the failure of mankind to honor thy neighbor as thyself. Throughout the world, we have countless dead bodies left in a horrifying display by someone who has become inhumane. How did these sadistic characters become who they are? Answering this question is what this book is about. We are Ambassadors of God who are more than Conquerers. No opponent can survive under our vigilance. Consume the thoughts in this book and make them your own, adding your own flair for the extraordinaire, and we will defeat that vile demon called Murder...And then enters, Exacerbate; From Victim to Killer
In Exacerbate, the Author introduces her Readers to the world of sickening violence, horrific brutality, and other mutilations as she uses several murderous characters to show the differences between victims who are not drawn into sadistic vengeance and those victims who mutilate others because they themselves have been mutilated. She will lead the Reader on an expedition into the minds of heartless killers as she examines their psychological profiles; 7 Murderers and this Author will be profiled to answer this question; why will some Victims turn to violent retribution, mayhem, and murder while others choose not to? This author didn't write this book to entertain those who love blood and gore, thou certainly she will take us right into the mouth of the lion to see how he separates flesh from bone; she wrote this book to show her readers up close and personal the person who murders repeatedly. She shows you who the murderer is, where he or she lived, who they lived with, who he or she interacted with, when they began to murder, who they murdered, and why they murdered. Most of the gruesome acts in this book will sound like fiction, but this is not a book of fiction, it is a book of facts. She doesn't leave you in these dark places of murder without enticing your mind into looking closer; peering behind entertainment into a scientific study of this horrific phenomenon. The insanity that is not induced is about as rare as two babies born joined at birth, it happens naturally, but not so much. Induced insanity is preventable, natural insanity is maintainable. Because inequality, bigotry, and greed has forced most people into obscurity and poverty, the sufferings of such outcasts have exacerbated many times into criminal insanity. The results of such exacerbation are astronomical in the murderous impact it has had on our desired peaceful society. The non-violent person is striving to gain insight into why murder is so prevalent in modern society. If we want to gain this insight into murder, we must go in closer to examine it. Knowledge as valuable as this does not come cheap or easy. So, I applaud your willingness to take this expedition into the Psyche of modern society's Killer. From the Author: "Why would I write a book containing such a gruesome topic? Imagine; you are a normal American adult, you're educated, you have children that you adore, but you're terrified something will go wrong because you have no accessible Family to turn to, then the unthinkable happens, one of your Beautiful Precious Babies is brutally murdered just one month after he turned 7-years-old; stabbed 19 times then slitting your Baby's throat and throwing him on your kitchen floor, leaving him for you to find him. You find him, then after near screaming your bowels out of your throat, you lose your mind, you fall…It takes over 30 years to do it, but you rise as strong as metal forged in fire. You healed! But, with your healing came a burning need to protect children and other innocents from the horror your child suffered… these words tell you why I write this book, now my next words will tell you why I invite you to walk into these dark minds with me to find ways and means to reduce murder rates throughout our Nation first moving around our world. Murder is horrendously wrong and must be STOPPED!
About the author
Aasia Gale Stormm's Bio December 2019 I was born in Birmingham Alabama in the late 40s, so I know firsthand the challenges endured by people of color during those years. I attended the University of Alabama from 1970 to 1974 studying Nuclear Medicine Technology where I learned much about the atomic structure of the human body. I completed the 36-month course, earned licensure and degree to gain tenure at Dekalb General Hospital in Atlanta Georgia. After studying 4 academic years to become a Nuclear Medicine Technologist, I quit my profession after I had worked only 1 year in the Nuclear Medicine field because Police work was calling my name. I became a Police officer for the City of Atlanta, Georgia. Fast forward, I later moved to Los Angeles and became pregnant with my only son. He was born in 1979. I lost my son to murder seven years later. I got desperately ill emotionally, mentally, and physically. It took 33 years to heal. Along the way, I found fulfillment in the pursuit of business, so being highly intelligent and desperately mentally challenged I opened and brought to near 7 figures, an upscale home, and an office cleaning company that serviced high-profile clients such as Jimmy Iovine and Peter Guber. A few years later and 15 years after my son's death, I wrote my first book to scream out the agony I suffered. The book's title is "Light in the Darkest Hours" in all bookstores by order. I have now written my second book from a different place in my Experience. In this book, I show other parents and families, who have suffered the murder of a Loved One how to heal from this devastation through forgiveness and helping other victims. My work is effective in this area because I have walked in the shoes of traumatized victims of violence. My effectiveness is amplified because I also studied at University for more than 7 years to earn my Bachelor's in Business Marketing, my Master's in Psychology, and with a few academic hours more I will earn my Doctorate in Psychology. So, my second book is written by an Expert. I have finished this book and its now time to effectively market it as the first book promoted by my new publishing company, the title of the book is: "Exacerbate; From Victim to Killer", the name of the company is, "Stormm's Publishing House". In this book, I uncover Spiritual and Scientific proofs that confirm that murderers are made, not born and the way I reveal this truth will inspire victims to forgive, love, and help reduce murder, which is critical to any Victim's healing. As an alumnus of Women's Policy Institute, my work is amplified as we ladies have been responsible for the Senate and Assembly voting in 38 new laws that protect women's rights. I am also a licensed drug and alcohol counselor. I am a certified victim/offender reconciliation counselor, going into the prisons to enable changed criminals the opportunity to send lessons and messages of their changes out to young and fledgling offenders coming their way and more. The major purpose behind my writing this 350-page book is to inspire leaders and people of wealth and other means to join my efforts to reduce murder and there is so much more I have done to effect change so that other parents don't have to suffer as gravely as I have. I do all this work tirelessly and love to look good while I do it with elegance and flair using determination, power, fun, & unity as I unite with law enforcement and political leaders to be pulled into this effective movement of change and empowerment. My site must reflect Elegant professionals working together to effect change to protect and raise our youth, to empower our homeless and hungry to take care of their own needs, to inspire our youth to lead by studying hard and participating in effecting change and to protect innocent people from violence

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