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  • SubGenre:Healthy Living
  • Language:English
  • Pages:164
  • eBook ISBN:9781483513430

Your Health At Your Fingertips

A Simplified and Holistic Approach to a Healthy and Bountiful Life

by Jean Daniel Francois MD

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Man kinds “are wonderfully made”. This book wants to help the readers to either remain healthy or get their health back or improve it the way it should be. Here are the major objectives of this book: 1-raise awareness about the importance of being healthy 2-provide key information to help understand the issue of life 3-vulgarize the cardinal causes that affect our health 4-provide a framework for approaching the topic of healthy living 5-put an emphasis on prevention vs. reaction to medical conditions Overall, this book wants to empower every reader to make the right choice to stay healthy or to address health issues through a holistic / integrative approach to medicine.
"Your Health At Your Fingertips" is a book that puts in your hands everything you need to know to stay healthy, to be happy, as well as to live longer and retain your youth. Push a big sigh of relief! Diseases and ailments that afflict you are no longer inevitable thanks to this book. It puts you back in the driver’s seat when it comes to the greatest adventure of life: Your Health! You can no longer just take some pills here and there to trick your mind into alleviating your pain and your suffering. This book challenges the myths and methods that force us subtly to lean toward defeatism such as exclusive abuse of pills and acceptance of pain as inevitable. Dr. Jean Daniel Francois, although, far from being a guru, shares his views, and invites the readers to take a journey into the world of integral health: the pursuit of a state of well-being, physical, mental and spiritual. This book is a medication in itself with side effects of optimism and conviction for a better healthy life. What are the sources of various health problems? How to prevent chronic diseases that debilitate our contemporaries? Do you want to identify the causes of obesity and how to avoid or address it? Do you want to be fit from head to toe? Well read this book to find the solution! " This book is the result of several years of observation, investigation and critical studies of various formulas already proposed by practitioners of medical science and nutrition. Attentive to the problems of society, inter-personal relations and consumption patterns (literally and figuratively), the author offers a truly holistic approach. He was guided by the desire to make you an informed agent, responsible for your own well-being. Your health is first YOUR BUSINESS! This book will change the quality of your life. Read it; encourage others to do the same.
About the author
About the AUTHOR After having brilliantly completed the cycles of primary and secondary education, Jean Daniel Francois received formal education and graduated with degrees in administration, economics, finance and theology. He holds a Bachelor of Science, a Bachelor of Theology and a Master in Economics (MA). He also studied medicine at New York Medical College in Valhalla, New York, where he received his M.D. degree. He is pursuing his career as a Neurologist in New York where he resides with his wife, Jocelyne, and their two grown up children, Jean Daniel and Sarah. He is the Founder and director of Community based newspapers, and a radio station. He has medical offices. He is known as lecturer, a man of science as well as faith. Dr. François wrote this book about health to share his beliefs with his readers gleaned from his personal experience, his observations, his multiple instances of research, his relationship with his patients, and from reading several books and articles on health. Because his main concern is to help everyone in engaging in a new course for a healthy and enjoyable life by making choices based on acquired appropriate knowledge, he has written several books. For further details, you can visit the following websites : www.nyweightlossandwellness.com, www.successfullife.us .