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  • SubGenre:General
  • Language:Spanish
  • Pages:44
  • eBook ISBN:9780984697502

Yo me llamo Carter y Yo soy nuevo

by Carolyn Tallos Lima

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Watching a little boy growing up can be so precious. As a grandmother there is nothing more natural or easy then to book write about your grandchildren. They are the sunshine in my life and the stars in my night sky.
Watching a little boy growing up can be so precious. As a grandmother there is nothing more natural or easy then to book write about your grandchildren. They are the sunshine in my life and the stars in my night sky. The main character in my first boy is the youngest of all the children and he is the star of the show. My oldest son said, "Write a book, Mom." So I did. Watching this little boy's adventure into life is like being present while a flower bloom. And I have four very precious flowers in my garden, so more books are in production I understand that being a grandmother gives me the privilege of watching the children of my oldest son and daughter-in-law and I have front row seats. Life is never a straight line. This turn in my life has been a true blessing. This book is more than just storytelling, this book is about real life and how baby truly grow up into wonderful and fun little people. And I have been there to witness it all!! Having fun reading this little boy's first story and the ones that will follow.
About the author
I believe we are made up of the experiences we have had in our lives and not the amount of money or possessions we have been able to pile up. I am not going to write about when I saw these things or with whom. What is important to me is what I saw. There are so many things to experience and they do not have to be huge. Disney World, Florida - I have been there many times. The best experience was when I went with my oldest son, his wife and the two youngest grandchildren, Courtney and Nicholas. I stood in the rain in a huge crowd but did not watch the parade. I watched my son hold Courtney up so she could see Cinderella. Her smile said more that night then I could ever describe. Nicholas was so excited he just hung on to Heidi, his mother, with all his strength. Best night ever! Crater Lake, Oregon - The bluest water I have ever seen. I need to return to this place and take time to stand on the shore and soak in this view. I always regretted not stopping long enough to experience this place. Astoria, Oregon - The approach ramp of the Astoria-Megler bridge curves counter clockwise through a full 360 degrees climbing to almost 200 feet above low water. This bridge took my breath away and offered an awesome view of the mouth of the Columbia River. New Orleans, Louisiana - Very interesting town - no it was NOT Mardi Gras, just a short vacation, saw the town but the best part was stopping at the Napoleon House for cheese and strawberry shortcake. Just a wonderful break in the day, lovely place, great history and people. Wall Drug Store - Wall, South Dakota - Very funny place, so much tourist junk all in one place. The best thing is that I had about $ 5.00 in quarters and I tried to get all the robotic singing machines in the courtyard to play all at the same time. The House on The Rock with Infinity Room Spring Green, Wisconsin - Another strange tourist attraction. Just think someone used to really live there. - The Infinity Room made my heart beat fast but wow!!!! A collector's fantasy so many different things - you can spend hours there. As I write this I am realizing that I have been to quite a few different places. The ones I remember the most are the places that made me smile, or laugh, or stop long enough to personally experience the moment. I have seen a lighthouse, Golden Gate Bridge, Devil's Tower, Niagara Falls and the Hoover Dam. I have ridden a motorcycle and snowmobile. I have roller-skated, skied and rode a horse. I still want to drive a racecar, fly a hang glider and ride in a helicopter over a volcano. I want to learn how to play golf and go to Scotland, Alaska and Maine. Personal accomplishments: Two brilliant sons, who make me proud everyday to be their mother. Walking the Diamond Head trail in the Diamond Head crater on the southeast coast of Oahu. Does not sound like much, the trail is only 1 ¾ miles long but it is up hill all the way. Stairs 175 of them and 225 feet of unlit tunnel but I made it to the top. I had lost 80 pounds before the trip and I was proud that I wanted to do it. Yes, I went to college and received a BA, a MAOM and I am currently working on my MBA. I have been to London, Amsterdam, and China. And next, I am going to Paris!!! Oh, I am also writing a couple more books.