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  • SubGenre:Professional Development
  • Language:English
  • Pages:181
  • eBook ISBN:9780988420410

Whisper Sales Management

Lead, Calm, And Focus The 'Wild Mind" Of Your Pack.

by Joe Crisara

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Learn how to "whisper" your sales team to greatness. Most sales managers put far too much pressure on themselves and try to manipulate change from their team. A "Sales Whisperer" uses values and principles mixed with expert skills that make being a manager who gets results look too easy. The goal of this book is to help you work less and make more. This book shows how to earn a legacy of respect, honor and trust as a leader.
I am like most professionals in the sales industry. Even when I’m spending time with my family and friends, my thoughts drift away towards the work I do. I love teaching sales people how to sell and coaching sales managers to get results. In fact, I would say that my obsession with learning the “best practices” of the selling industry is a borderline addiction. Selling Is Magic There is just something about the magic that happens when a buyer is resistant at first to making a purchase and then 20 seconds later, they have changed their mind. Based on the ongoing bond between buyer and seller that you are establishing or maybe even a question that a masterful sales professional has just asked them, the sale is closed. You can literally see the transformation of the buyer. They go from trying to distance themselves from the salesperson, to complete compliance, and then to purchasing. I will confess to you here and now, that I live for those situations and have a passion for making the dreams of sales people and their managers come true. I am proud and honored that others have chosen me to help sales people around the world become more effective and productive in their careers and in their lives. For that reason, I am always thinking about new and better ways to help my clients discover the finest quality assistance they can get when selling their services and products to their customers. I am indeed passionate about my clients succeeding in sales and I DO take it personally when my clients fail or fall short of their goals. The Price of Failure Is Too High The price that the ineffective sales managers and sales people pay for ineffective methods and assumptions is just too great to allow myself to not try and step in to help. As if the financial woes weren't bad enough, the ripple effect it has on their spouses, children and families is even more devastating. The good news is that many times the difference between failure and success is paper- thin. I am glad to help them. Now that you know what drives me, let me begin your journey on the thoughts and circumstances that inspired me to write this book. I want you to realize that this idea, which struck me like a bolt of lightning, came from outside my own industry and outside my own profession. Use this information as pure enlightenment as you as you look around for other great ideas to help you in whatever career or life journey that you may take.
About the author
Joe Crisara is a sales educator and entrepreneur with a worldwide reputation. His style is to have you feeling like he is a member of your family or someone you met before. His down to earth, direct and impassioned approach combines 31 years of management experience with strong expertise in sales best practices. Thus, anticipate hearing the thunderous ring of truth from Joe, who stands apart from traditional sales managers. Stop worrying about how to motivate your team and start asking questions that allow them to find the "right" code for each customer they sell to.