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  • SubGenre:Healing / Prayer & Spiritual
  • Language:English
  • Pages:211
  • eBook ISBN:9781483526270

What is YOGA

A Science of Spirituality

by Swami Tehal Dass

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Yoga is a science of spirituality which leads the individual towards the realization of one's own self or atman along with the awareness and realization of the of the influence of Parkirti or Maya which helps the individual to liberate oneself from all suffering.
The purpose of Yoga to achieve oneness with God or Hari - the last supreme destination for Eternal peach and contentment. The individual human being is a combination of both a physical body and a soul. We wear the physical body temporally like we wear our clothes. Our self is different, it does not match with what we see in the mirror or in water. In mirror or water we see our embodied self. How one can know one self (soul & atman)? It is what Yoga is all about. Yoga is a practical way to life which anybody can live. It is not confined to any particular group or community. It is a struggle to know oneself in actuality for an spiritually awakened person, who is curious to know about what the real purpose of human life is, who is tired of pain associated with the repeated cycle of birth and death.
About the author
Swami Tehal Dass born in Jat Sikh family in India in 1946, became disciple of Sant Yogi Amar Dass Ji in 1967. Going through deep devotion by meditation and concentration for 5 years in the process of realization of the self and the absolute reality the Parbrahm (God or Hari), Swami Tehal Dass completed his incomplete formal education by doing masters in Panjabi & Philosophy at the direction of his Saint Yogi Guru in 1979, while in engaging in the practice of yogic experimentation. In 1979 Swami Tehal Dass moved to U.S.A. with the consent of his Sant Yogi Guru and worked as computer console operator after completing diploma in computer technology from New York University, while working in the same company. In 1990 Swami Tehal Dass resigned from the computer console operator post at the direction of his Sant Yogi Guru who wanted him to spend the rest of his life in meditation and concentration in devotion to Parbrahm (God or Hari) and in service to humanity by showing this great path of Yoga (Yoga is a science of spirituality to attain oneness with God or Hari and not merely physical exercises as described by different people these days) to those who are desirous to liberate themselves from all suffering and pain associated with the repeated cycle of birth and death, without considering anything of his own (swami).