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  • SubGenre:Spiritualism
  • Language:English
  • Pages:57
  • eBook ISBN:9780988900806

What Is Man?

Discover the secrets of your spirit, soul and body.

by Lenard Tillery

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Mankind is the greatest creation of God and was made both a spiritual and earthly being. This Bible Study book will provide the resources to help you to define and discover the purpose, functions and components of your spirit, soul and body. Search the Word of God to find out what lies within you as you gain knowledge to help overcome the opponent who you race against and war against: yourselves.
The creation of Mankind was the greatest work performed by God. He formed the first man’s body from the dust of the Earth and breathed the breath of life into him. That spirit of life quickened the man’s soul and human spirit and brought animation to his human body. God fashioned mankind to be free moral agents with the innate ability to choose, make independent decisions and operate with a creative capability to adapt or change the environment around them. They fellowshipped with God in righteousness until sin forever changed them. This Bible Study book will provide the resources to help you to define and discover the purpose, functions and components of your human spirit (life, animation and personality supplied by and sustained by God), living soul (mind, conscience, will, intellect, emotions and passions) and human body (the temporal, natural, physical, tangible and biodegradable operating vessel that temporarily houses the human spirit and living soul). The Psalmist David asked, “What is Man that thou are mindful of him.” This book uses the Bible and understandable illustrations to provide the in depth answers to this profound questions as explain the struggle between the spirit and body for control of the soul. Mankind, while living, can possess the supernatural in the natural and have the ability for the Spirit of God to dwell in an earthen vessel. But, when God removes the life within the human spirit at His appointed time, the human body will experience a physical death and return to the dust from where it came. Then, each person’s living soul will spend eternity in its final destination based upon the everyday choices and activities. Enjoy.
About the author
Lenard Tillery is a native of New Orleans, Louisiana. After serving in the U.S. Army he attended Louisiana State University where he met his wife Lisa Tillery. Together they had six children (Lauren, LaKaley, Lenard III, Lindsey, Lexie and Lenae). Feeling outnumbered, he and his son coerced his wife to try once again for another boy only to end up with fraternal twin girls. After giving up and succumbing to life with a wife and five daughters, he decided to put his newly acquired communication and listening skills to good use. He authored his first book in 2003, was the songwriter and inspiration of two gospel C.D.'s and is presently working on his first novel. He gives God the glory for his success and continues to minister as a teacher and speaker at seminars, special events and his local church.