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  • Genre:MUSIC
  • SubGenre:Reference
  • Language:English
  • Pages:262
  • Hardcover ISBN:9781667853253

What is GAY music?

And some of the musicians who play it (2000-2020)

by Ronald Waite

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This is a non-fiction work which aims to explain what LGBTQ+ musicians think that "gay music" is. The book is not focused on the LGBTQ+ musicians who have massive record contracts, and large salaries, but rather the creative musicians who make music as their primary means of earning a living. This book will introduce you to a number of LGBTQ+ musicians that you may not already be familiar with, but whose opinions are just as valuable as the musicians who get their pictures on the covers of national magazines all the time. They do not agree on their opinions, but what they have to say is just as important as everyone else's opinions.

Opinions of what "gay music" is are as varied as are the types of music played by LGBTQ+ musicians. The opinions expressed in this book are culled from a wide variety of sources and interviews. The main focus of this book is from the opinions of the musicians--the people who actually play the music. That is who I wanted to hear from! My experience with these musicians has taken place over the past twenty years, years when the music has changed dramatically. You will hear from musicians who have been in the business for only a few years and some that have been traveling the world/United States for a lot longer than that. This book explores the similarities and differences between people, and all of their unique freedoms of expression. Every letter of the LGBTQ+ alphabet is represented in this document, as well as every style of music. You will be able to learn about the purpose of music, pronouns that are used currently, what the coming out process is like, why people are fascinated with LGBTQ+ individuals, why many of these people got into the music field, what their audiences are like, how they express their queer sensibility in their songs, as well as the social details available in society. There is also a description of several types of musical expressions. This book should make you a more informed person of today's society.

About the author

Ronald "Ran" Waite is a retired college professor. He is a lover of music, art, writing, researching and all things related to his LBGBTQ+ tribe. In addition to his writing, he devotes a lot of time and energy to his three dogs, gardening, and many other interests.

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