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  • Genre:MEDICAL
  • SubGenre:Allied Health Services / Physical Therapy
  • Language:English
  • Series title:Holistic Physical Therapy
  • Series Number:1
  • Pages:404
  • Format:Paperback
  • Paperback ISBN:9781735491202

Wellness and Holistic Physical Therapy, 2nd edition

by Sharon Fair , Jackie Booth, DPT, LaTasha Blanton, DPT and Sean Wells, DPT

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Wellness and Holistic Physical Therapy, 2nd edition is 'the' textbook for DPT programs to incorporate into their curriculum to ensure their students meet the wellness-related requirements of CAPTE, APTA's Normative Model of Professional Physical Therapist Education, and APTA's Minimum Required Skills of Entry-Level Physical Therapist Graduates, and are thus perfectly prepared to provide holistic physical therapy to maximize patient outcomes. Wellness and Holistic Physical Therapy, 2nd edition incorporates ATPA Guide's 3.0, Healthy People's Leading Health Indicators, and up to the minute evidence-based information. APTA's Patient/Client Management Model is enhanced with holistic tools such as the Stages of Wellness, Brief Teach, Guided Exploration, and Motivational Education. Research supporting traditional medicines (i.e., tai chi, cupping, acupressure, etc.) and 'forward thinking' concepts such as plant-based nutrition and CBD is explored and applied to the provision of physical therapy. Topics also include 'self-medications' (e.g., smoking and cessation), mental illness comorbidities, gender identity, pelvic health, African-Americans and wellness, self-wellness of physical therapists, and more! An entire chapter is dedicated to holistic physical therapy case scenarios, which can be used for small group assignments. Another chapter focuses on community wellness, and includes several types of community wellness projects. The 'Future is the Internet' chapter introduces tele-health and provides instructions for student creation of a 'holistic physical therapy website.' Woven throughout the textbook are case scenarios, images of mock patients, and lots of color to engage the reader and enhance the learning experience.
CONTENTS --- CHAPTER 1: WELLNESS and PHYSICAL THERAPY - Section 1: Entry-Level Physical Therapist Study of Wellness; Section 2: Wellness-Related Terminology and Concepts; Section 3: The Wellness Movement in the USA; Section 4: The APTA and Wellness; Section 5: Physical Therapist Scope of Practice. --- CHAPTER 2: HOLISTIC PHYSICAL THERAPY - Section 1: Models of Wellness; Section 2: Model of Holistic Physical Therapy (MHPT); Section 3: Case Examples. --- CHAPTER 3: HOLISTIC PHYSICAL THERAPY PATIENT MANAGEMENT - Section 1. Physical Therapist Patient Management; Section 2: Holistic Tools to Better Screen, Evaluate, and Treat; Section 3: Case Scenarios. CHAPTER 4: NUTRITION - Section 1: Food Culture; Section 2: Physical Therapist Scope of Nutrition Practice; Section 3: Nutrition Basics; Section 4: Food Groups and Healthy People's Leading Health Indicators. ---- CHAPTER 5: NUTRITIONAL DIETS: Section 1: Meat-Based Diets; Section 2: Plant-Based Diets; Section 3: Benefits of the Whole-Food Plant-Based Diet; Section 4: The Whole Food Plant-Based Diet as an Intervention. --- CHAPTER 6: OBESITY - Section 1: Healthy People's Leading Health Indicators Related to Obesity; Section 2: Body Mass Index and Obesity; Section 3: Body Composition; Section 4: Energy Intake and Expenditure; Section 5: Physical Activity; Section 6: "Weight" Loss Diets ; Section 7: Morbid Obesity and Bariatric Surgery. --- CHAPTER 7: MENTAL ILLNESS COMORBIDITIES - Section 1: Mental Illness; Section 2: Undiagnosed Mental Illness ; Section 3: Mental Disorders; Section 4: Analogies; Section 5: Mental Illness and Suicide; Section 6: Mental Illness Treatment and the Role of the Physical Therapist. --- CHAPTER 8: SPECIAL TOPICS - Section 1: Gender Identity and Homosexuality; Section 2: Religion, Spirituality, and Atheism; Section 3: African Americans and Wellness; Section 4: Family Wellness; Section 5: Pelvic Health and Wellness; Section 6: Physical Therapists as Wellness Role Models. ---CHAPTER 9: PATIENT 'SELF-MEDICATION' - Section 1: Tobacco as a Self-Medication; Section 2: Alcohol as a Self-Medication; Section 3: Abuse of Prescription Pain Medications. --- CHAPTER 10: MEDICATIONS, SUPPLEMENTS and HERBALS AS INTERVENTIONS - Section 1: Physical Therapist Scope of Practice and Medications; Section 2: Cannabis: Marijuana and CBD; Section 3: Herbals and Supplements; Section 4: Selected Herbals: St John's Wort, Kratom, Kava; Section 5: Research: Herbal Medicine and Nutritional Supplements. --- CHAPTER 11: COMPLEMENTARY BODY BASED INTERVENTIONS; Section 1: Body Based Traditional Medicine; Section 2: Acupuncture; Section 3: Acupressure; Section 4: Cupping, aka Hijama; Section 5: Gua Sha. --- CHAPTER 12: COMPLEMENTARY MIND-BODY INTERVENTIONS - Section 1: Sleep Wellness; Section 2: Meditation; Section 3: Qigong and Tai Chi; Section 4: Yoga. --- CHAPTER 13: HOLISTIC PHYSICAL THERAPY CASE SCENARIOS - Section 1: Case Scenario Assignment: Drama / Skit / Play; Section 2: Case Scenario Assignment: Written Report; Case Scenario 1: Rose; Case Scenario 2: Randy; Case Scenario 3: Ernie; Case Scenario 4: Jimmy; Case Scenario 5: Tamiko; Case Scenario 6: Arista; Case Scenario 7: Mr. Edward; Case Scenario 8: Camila; Case Scenario 9: Kai; Case Scenario 10: Miss Janet. --- CHAPTER 14: COMMUNITY WELLNESS - Section1: Community Wellness; Section 2: Support Groups; Section 3: The APTA and Community Wellness; Section 4: Community Wellness Project; Section 5: Community Health Assessment and Group Evaluation. --- CHAPTER 15: THE FUTURE IS THE INTERNET - Section 1: Telehealth Physical Therapy; Section 2: Assignment: Holistic Physical Therapy Website. --- EACH CHAPTER includes Objectives and a Summary. The textbook is fully referenced and a detailed INDEX is provided. 400 pages with full color.
About the author
Sharon Fair, PT, PhD earned her Bachelor of Arts degree 'with distinction' from the University of South Florida at St Petersburg. After a solo tour of Europe, she worked as a fitness instructor and obtained ACSM certification. She later earned a Master of Science in Education with a major in exercise and nutrition science from Queens College (part of the City University of New York), where she was also a graduate assistant and later an assistant professor. In 1990, she decided to change careers and in 1993 earned her physical therapy degree from the University of Maryland at Baltimore School of Medicine. While raising her daughter, Sharon earned a Psychology Doctorate degree in 2000 from what is now North Central University, concentrating in the psychological aspects of physical therapy. She then earned a Certificate in Online Learning and a PhD in Education in 2004 and 2005, respectively, from Capella University. Her dissertation title was "Wellness among PT members of the APTA." Since 1993, Dr. Fair has been licensed and enjoyed practice in MD, HI, and FL. Her primary setting is in home health. She has also served as an associate professor at the University of St. Augustine for Health Sciences from 2000 to 2008. While there, she instructed courses including Administration and management in PT, Gerontology, Professional communications, Psychological and ethical aspects of PT, and Wellness. She also served on and chaired numerous committees, including Chair of the Wellness Task Force for the Compendium of the University of St. Augustine for Health Sciences. Dr. Fair has provided innumerable seminars at the local, state, national, and international levels, including two platform presentations at APTA's Preview 2020 in Las Vegas, NV. Dr. Fair authored Wellness and Physical Therapy, which was published in 2010 by Jones & Bartlett, Boston, MA, and incorporated into nearly 50 DPT programs in the USA and Canada. Not wanting a 'big-time publisher' to own her new creations, she opted to have this second edition of Wellness and Holistic Physical Therapy to be published by the Wellness Society, of which she is the founder and President.
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