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Book details
  • Genre:FICTION
  • SubGenre:Fairy Tales, Folk Tales, Legends & Mythology
  • Language:English
  • Pages:32
  • eBook ISBN:9781617928987

Welcome to Boingville

by Romeo

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Have you ever wondered where clowns live? Christina certainly does! Christina is a little girl who just loves clowns and has always wondered — what would a clown town look like? When clowns perform at her birthday party, she decides to follow them home to find out. So begins a wonderful, exciting adventure as you journey with Christina to discover the magical, colorful land of Boingville. WELCOME TO BOINGVILLE — there are fun and surprises around every corner!


Welcome to Boingville all came about in a very unique way.   I am an entertainer and I used to perform at children's parties with clowns. 

After the show the children always use to ask the clowns where they were going and the clowns never had an answer.  So I gave the clowns an answer,  Boingville, a magical land where all the clowns in whole world live, laugh and play!

About the author

Hello everyone and Welcome to Boingville! 

Welcome to Boingville is my first book in a series of five books telling the story of Christina and her magical and continuing adventure to the magical land of Boingville. 

The other books in series tells the history of Boingville and how it came to be a magical land where all the clowns live, laugh and play.

One special book is a Santa and the Elves come to Boingville as the Elves meet the clowns in a holiday extravaganza.

Readers' Favorite Book Award Winner 
Book Review

Reviewed by Lee Ashford for Readers' Favorite

“Welcome to Boingville” by Romeo Gittens is a charming and delightful romp through the town of Boingville, where all the clowns live,laugh and play!  Christina’s birthday party was fun, but it got much more exciting when two clowns, Jingle and Jangle, arrived to add to the festivities. The two clowns did magic tricks, told lots of jokes, and, of course, made balloon animals for the children! The kids even got to have their faces painted by the clowns. But like all good things, the party had to come to an end. Christina’s friends went home, and Jingle and Jangle started packing up all their clown stuff so that they could go home too. Christina thanked them for coming, but was disappointed when they told her she could not come with them to see where they lived.  Would that stop Christina from figuring out a way to go with the clowns? 

“Welcome to Boingville” is really a very well-written story for children of all ages to enjoy. The illustrations are very good, adding another dimension to the tale. The clown’s town is a magical place, where everything is vividly colored, cars fly, and streetlamps talk.
Children of all ages will enjoy this book, as much as Christina enjoyed her visit to Boingville. This story is not intended to teach children any skills; instead, it is intended only to entertain, which it does quite well. I strongly recommend adding this book to your child’s library. After all, there’s a limit to how many ABC books a kid needs!