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  • Genre:FICTION
  • SubGenre:Science Fiction / General
  • Language:English
  • Pages:198
  • eBook ISBN:9781871771718

Virus Attack

Covid-20 What if ?

by Marek Laskiewicz

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Bioterrorism may arise and threaten then execute an engineered virus Covid-20 whence a new pandemic after Covid-19.


Biological terrorists in the future may threaten to release virus vials because of the world's disastrous medieval lockdown in Covid-19 has made it potentially vulnerable to terrorist demands. Bioterrorists could use a genetically engineered virus, termed Covid-20. Failed negotiations would to lead their releasing virus deathdrones to effect a new pandemic which the world will find difficult to cope with because it will be as unprepared as for the current coronavirus. Some future information operations will be via the internet, especially the dark web, as disinformation, fake data, political correctness and cover-ups will arise in the mainstream media including the big social networking sites. There might subsequently be a catastrophic megapandemic afterwards, possibly by a biowar during WW3 or by aliens.

About the author
Dr Marek Laskiewicz was born on 09.XI.1958 in London where he lives; he studied at Queen Mary College. He has written books in English and Polish, and is a member of the Society of Polish Writers Abroad [SPPzG]. This is his first published science fiction novel. « He is in addition: a Cabinet Office Covid-19 Expert Database Member, UK Parliament Covid-19 Outbreak Expert Database Member and Faculty of Public Health [FPH] Associate Member as well as a Member of the Royal History Society [RHS], Royal Economic Society [RES], Political Studies Association [PSA] and British International Studies Association [BISA] and a Chartered Engineer in the Institution of Engineering and Technology [Eur Ing, CEng, MIET]. He has published books, of relevance World War 3, 2015 and Covid-19 Lockdown Analysis, 24th April 2020, and his paper Public Health Policy Issues with the Reproductive number R was published on 5th December 2020 by the Science and Technology Commons Select Committee together with the Health and Social Care Commons Select Committee as part of its Inquiry "Coronavirus: lessons learned" {#CLL0033 – https://committees.parliament.uk/writtenevidence/16278/pdf/ }. He holds several posts, notably Secretary General of the Polish Society of Arts and Sciences Abroad [PTNO], Deputy Rector and Reader at the Polish University Abroad [PUNO], Chairman of the Polish Social and Cultural Association [POSK], and founder and Leader, Polish Association in Great Britain [PWWB]. »