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Book Image Not Available
Book details
  • Genre:FICTION
  • SubGenre:Science Fiction / General
  • Language:English
  • Pages:2047
  • eBook ISBN:9781447766681

Virtual Quantum Collapse

by Lutz Barz

Book Image Not Available
2047pp Prima: Autocratic, theocratic, bent on dominating her sister planet Regum who are high techheads. Into hyper-web-space which threatens Prima's psychic domination. Then came the Discrepancy. Of interest to Arktians who ponder as to what is changing the phase-state of space. They send in 3 agents: Ung the base-line, Ratze the investigator & Nervina as back up. The Reganians discover life on Mars. Under Prima's psychic influence. Compounded by Earthers who appear as psychotic maniacs who must be stopped. But then Regum sees things differently to Prima. The struggle to dominate not just worlds but the very fabric of space, and thus life, will see an epic conflict with tragic as well as heroic consequences.
VQC Synopsis by Lutz Barz The Great Attractor. It contains a super galaxy predating our own universe which the Big Bang surrounded. Within is a solar system containing two planets: Prima the origin of the race and it’s twin Regum populated by an aboriginal shamanistic culture and later emigrants from Prima wishing to escape the claustophobia of Primas overbearing theocracy. A shockwave of black matter repulsion-due to the GA’s huge gravity well – encoded is discovered by Roshati, an astronomer. For that she is judicially disposed of. Prima though has other priorities: bent on submitting Regum and simultaenously Earth. By reorienting their minds through the use of psychic aggressive Deep Visionaries stationed in space, living on Orbitals above Prima [and Regum]. A high tech, nano-based culture including breakthrough’s in Artificial Intelligent applications-add ins to their minds meant that the Reganians were free from labour. Individuality supreme. They not only explored space they built into it. First WebWorld, terrestrial cyber created and then WebSpace-ditto. The Primaians realising they were being left behind used their psychic abilities to attract what they wanted/needed such as the oribital. The Primaians using DVs to penetrate through space into the heart of the Ultimate Revelation. But then came the photons from Earth: to the Primaians [and later Reganians] a homicidal insane race that had to be kept away at all costs. Who could could tilt either towards Regum or Prima. So the Primaians intended to make sure that Earth is aligned to Primaian thinking. The Arktians-Spiral Andromeda- whilst studying the GA discovered that within that massive micro universe there is a process in progress that is changing the phase state of space. They decide to investigate. Is this process natural, configured as an end process or cyber intelligent driven? They are masters of quantum processes-something the Reganians are studying independently. Arktus space station: briefing agents. Insert Ung as the baseline into Prima’s space, then Ratze to see what gives and Nervina to investigate the results regarding the phase-change in progress. They ride the QFW’s with their inserted BRAIN [Broadscale Random Access Intelligent Networks] hiding their mission-in case the event is cyber intelligent. Regum inserts a mission over Mars-classical pre-tech world. Prima already influencing the Martians way of thinking. Only to have the DVs wipe out not just the Reganian mission but everything on Mars. Rather than have the Martians oriented towards Regum Prima turns Mars into a dead planet. The Reganian mission vanishes. Mena [Prima] wants to unite with the unitary god. Instead she is attracted to the Discrepancy {D} the process which Ung picks up. Carias [Prima] who has accessed WebWorld/Space-illegal on Prima-is sent to an asylum. Recruited to suss out the politics within the Web. With dire consequences. Ratze inserted connects via DVs to the D. Telafus-Prima’s pontiff connects to the D and goes insane. Primaian agents scoure Regum for old folklores to gain insight into their psychology for manipulation. Talex [Primaian agent] tries to recruit Nervina. Nervina escapes from Regum to Novus: a neutral planet. Prima creates a `kabal’ of dissatisfied scientists who want to work with Reganians to go to Earth-survey only. Prima has other ideas. They create via DVs a simulacrum for Earth who rules Tellurium [Atlantis]. Merduk a Primaian scientist is inserted to shadow the simulacrum who has gone independent if not rogue under the persona of Zohex. Civilisations in crisis. Prima intent on cosmic and global domination fearing Earth’s influence on Regum will tilt the balance against them. Regum indifferent will soon feel the wrath of Prima’s intransigence. However her scientists are not without resources in deep space. Luckily given that Ung, Ratze and Nervina exsist in a quantum phase-wave-state they therefore become untouchable. Using surreptitously their BRAINS they slowly uncover a cosmic sized plot to dominate all sentient life in the universe.
About the author
Cold War Baby. Expunged from West Berlin to Wollongong, Australia. Indifferent at school. Worked in various semi skilled labouring jobs at the local steelworks. Off to Asia. Reversing the hippy trail from Calcutta via Kathmandu back to West Berlin. Bored as usual. Back to Wollongong. Obtained a degree there, BA [Sociology Major] & instantly unemployable. Left for Sydney just when New Wave Music was taking off with bands like: Birthday Party [Nick Cave], Laughing Clowns, Siousxsie & the Banshees, Talking Heads, Cure, Cabaret Voltaire, Chrome, Bauhaus, Virgin Prunes, Machinations, XL Capris etc. Off to the country which is definitely not me. Back to Sydney. Drove buses until my back [and head] went. Divorced. Finished first novel - here as 'Artifice'. Drank with jazz members from 'The Festers' [as in Uncle Fester] and back to the country [women!], ending up at Newcastle. Where I finished the second novel, VQC. Paint a little, play [mangle] the piano. Into Goth bands such as Fockewolf, Switchblade Symphony, Otto's Daughter, Collide and others such as Curve plus the great blasts from the past eg King Crimson, Traffic, Amon Duul II, Faust, Nina Hagen Bookworm. History & Current Affairs plus Eastern European surrealist literature. The world is an amazing place.
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