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  • Genre:HISTORY
  • SubGenre:United States / General
  • Language:English
  • Pages:422
  • eBook ISBN:9781620954560

Two Faces of Uncle Sam

A Detailed Layman's Rendition Of Our Founding History And National Cultural Roots

by Frank Polasky

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The basic theme exposes two separate diametrical opposite “nations” here both called the United States of America. One, the original free society established by our Founders after the American Revolution; the other, an after-market counterfeit established on the federal level by carpetbagger politicians after the Civil War. The text traces the transition of the original free society into the after-market servile oligarchy, merging us into a global Marxist dictatorship.
In addition to exposing the two diametrically opposite “nations” both called the United States of America, the major thesis is to distinguish between the sovereign citizen, the “principal”, master, and source of government's authority, and the government created “subject” citizen, the “agent” in relation to government. The former has God given “natural” rights which pre-date government; the later having only statutory “civil rights” conferred upon him by a sovereign Congress and needs permission from government to do everything. The book discusses how the sovereign master contractually reduced himself to the status of a “subject”. How the “master-servant” or “principal-agent” relationship between the people and government has been reversed. The book discusses the founding of this country as a free society in a State of Nature and our gradual return to servitude in a State of Society. Discusses the primal family origin of “nations”, the origin of the “patria-potestas” and its part in the founding principles of this nation. Shows how we have been systematically merged with the Soviet Union to become a Marxist New World Order global dictatorship. The history is taken from Supreme Court Opinions and our official written public record. It is not “politically correct” by design.
About the author
Legal-history researcher; USAF Viet-Nam veteran; patriot-activist; retired independent trucker; diesel and heavy equipment mechanic; welder-fabricator; part time logger.