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  • SubGenre:General
  • Language:English
  • Pages:110
  • eBook ISBN:9781483501239

To Be a Woman

31 Powerful Essences to Awaken Your True Self and Transform Your Life

by Vanda Teixeira

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This book is not about a healing modality or a therapy or somebody else’s star. This book is to remind you that there is an energy so pure, so divine, so mystical, so powerful, that intertwines through your heart, connects you to your soul—that when you are connected, you are that magic. You are your own star. You are that pure manifestation of God’s creation, unique in its perfection, each and every time.
This book is a book of Love, Honor & Wisdom. Each essence was written and gifted to me in the true essence of sharing. To bring light to balancing our own differences and uniqueness as Woman and Man. To share the magic of awakening each possibility within ourselves. To remind us that a woman is a spiritual life force, a Divine Being. A Goddessa, A Gift! Complex, Beautiful, Intellectual, Emotional and pure intelligence in so many realms. Physically contributing to the world every way she can. Each essence is a block of pure vibration, of light; you will receive it from where you are in your life. As you read each essence, more of you shall unfold. As you reread it, even more of you shall unfold and awaken to your own divine essence of who You are. You will be moved and inspired as you connect to your higher self, and connect and hear your soul if you so choose. I invite you to work with each essence, to bring you into alignment so you may have a clearer understanding of who you are being, and how you can be more in touch with your own divine Self. These essences are beautiful and a true gift to your soul and from your soul. You will awaken as many essences as your personality is ready to receive. Blend these essences and allow their vibration to guide you as you begin your journey. You will be taking a spiritual journey of discovery, adventure and growth as you read and work with this book. This journey begins and ends with Love, for Love is the most powerful energy in the world. - Vanda Teixeira
About the author
Internationally recognized business woman, Vanda Teixeira is the Founder and CEO of Vanda Connect, Inc., which honors her Vanda Creations legacy and is the parent company of five global businesses including the To Be A Woman™ Global Platform, The Magic Ribbon™ international campaign to empower and feed the women and children of the world, and The New Psychology of Money. Originally from South Africa and of Portuguese descent, she was South Africa’s Top Portuguese Designer at the age of just 22. She was given the Young Entrepreneur’s Award by The Women’s League in South Africa, and was recognized for taking the pageantry of the Miss Portugal show to an international level. Vanda also was the face for a cosmetic house and their International Marketing Director. She moved to Atlanta, Georgia where she now sits on the board of a boutique investment firm as an award-winning Senior Marketing Advisor. In 2000 she was nominated for Top Business Woman in Atlanta. Having maintained contact with South Africa, in August of 2009 she was featured in Most Influential Woman in Business and Government with A New Era Has Begun. She went on a 3-city tour of Johannesburg, Cape Town and Durban as a featured keynote speaker to the country’s most influential women in business and government. Vanda is, first and foremost, a visionary coach and intuitive healer who has a large, personal international following with her innovative approach to support inner awakening and transformation. She is authoring her Signature Soul Series to support everyone on their own journey. With The Magic Ribbon™ campaign, Vanda has actualized her mission to feed the children of the world. It is based on the knowledge that by feeding people with inner empowerment--women especially-- you can help feed the world.