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  • Genre:FICTION
  • SubGenre:Historical / General
  • Language:English
  • Pages:420
  • Paperback ISBN:9798350902174

Thorns in the Garden City

by Charles W. Bowen

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Thorns In The Garden City, an exciting conclusion to the story begun in Paladin, fighter ace, Capt. Matt Tower, returns from England to his native Augusta, Georgia where he joins a traumatic struggle to free the city from decades of political and law enforcement corruption and economic stagnation fostered by an industrial power structure determined to isolate its labor pool from competitive employment. Ginger, his college significant, reinters his life, chasing him until he catchers her. The reader will become captive to Matt's family, his mission's drama and history. Then events in England, he thought lost to memory, will bring changes in his life. The reader must resist the temptation to peak at the last three chapters.
Thorns In The Garden City is a sequel to Paladin, the novel that set the stage and brought in the characters in the story, and reenters the world of the 1940-50s in Augusta, Georgia. Originally a significant trading post and fort developed at the end of navigation on the Savannah River as England's 2nd city in its 13th colony. Early it became a major rail and stage coach exchange with some river navigation available. In 1845 entrepreneurs developed a canal forcing water from the river through the city. This allowed water power to drive the equipment of industries that quickly took advantage. Particularly textile plants. At one point 15 of them in the greater Augusta metropolitan area. A foundry and brick manufacturer completer the sources of major employment. But basically a cotton economy. By 1900 it became evident that the city was at a standstill as to economic growth. What was there simply passed local dollars among the general businesses. By 1935 efforts were made to begin growth and economic development. The existing industrial power structure took action to discourage those efforts. The last attempt at revival and the clean up of corruption began in 1942, but war put it on hold. In 1945-46 Thorns In The Garden City picks up on those earlier efforts and the battle is on. Veterans returning home detected the problems. The result is the rough edge battle to clean up political and law enforcement corruption and economic stagnation. One of those veterans is Capt. Matt Tower, who will join forces with the strongest effort yet to bring Augusta into the rapid post war expansion of the Southeast for its share of the bounty. This is a historical romance novel by description and Matt's efforts are subject to the distraction of his former significant while at University of Georgia who chases him until he catches her. The reader will quickly connect with Tower and his family, which is not immune to the wrath of the status quo regime. Then things Matt had given up to memories in England threaten to revive which places this resourceful and strong man in a sweet-sour dilemma. This is an exciting fast read which will be hard to put down. But the reader, regardless of the compulsion, must refrain from peaking at the last three chapters.
About the author
As a youngster, author Charles W. Bowen of Augusta, Georgia spent much time taking note of World War II happenings, locally and internationally. The vivid memories and notes of, training bases for pilots, Federal Arsenal manufacturing war ordinance, mock air raids with search lights in a night sky, new military Camp Gordon training thousands of troops, Augusta working through rationing and other shortages, stuck with the author and encouraged the first novel, Paladin, in the two book series which began in 1944-45 England where the characters for these novels originated. War and love, would be a short description. Now comes Thorns In The Garden City, the exciting conclusion to the two book series. as our hero returns home from war in England and becomes part of the push to rid the city of obstacles to Augusta's progress and growth. Sometimes nearly as dangerous as the skies over Europe. Sometimes sidetracked by an old college flame, and defiantly so with some reviving occurrences in England. The author was there during those years and the research encouraged this novel. But, no matter the urge the reader must resist peaking at the last three chapters. A native Augustan Bowen attended local schools and in college majored in business which served him well during his years with the family business and partnership with George, his brother and best friend. But the classes in journalism were his favorites and fanned the coals of his literary side. He specializes in World War II and the greater Augusta area history and speaks and writes on those subjects. He is blessed with daughter, Debbie and son, Greg, three granddaughters and three great grand children. Bowen makes his home in Augusta where he researches and writes; a third novel presently in the works. He is a man of faith, serving as elder and Sunday School leader in a church he helped to build. And all because of 1st Timothy 2:3-6.