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  • Genre:SELF-HELP
  • SubGenre:Substance Abuse & Addictions / General
  • Language:English
  • Pages:214
  • eBook ISBN:9781626758445

There's More Than One Way to Get to Cleveland

10 Lifestyles of Recovery That Lead to Freedom From Addiction

by Todd Crandell and Tim Vandehey

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Twelve-step programs like AA don't work for many addicts. The Ten Lifestyles of Recovery are the holistic, healthy alternative. Former addict, addiction counselor and ultra-endurance athlete Todd Crandell explains what makes the Lifestyles work.
Twelve-step programs like AA don't work for many addicts. The Ten Lifestyles of Recovery are the holistic, healthy alternative. Former addict, addiction counselor and ultra-endurance athlete Todd Crandell explains what makes the Lifestyles work. Todd knows what he's talking about: he wasted 13 years of his life being addicted to drugs and alcohol—ruining relationships, squandering his athletic talents, and nearly committing suicide. But after he pulled himself out of addiction with endurance sports, he realized that traditional twelve-step programs were too limited for many addicts. So he started Racing for Recovery, a counseling and support group that helps its members rediscover healthy, balanced lives free from addiction. At the core of Todd's work as an addictions counselor and head of Racing For Recovery are the ten Lifestyles of Recovery. Holistic, organic and healing, the Lifestyles free addicts from the strictures of twelve-step and help them rebuild lives centered on physical, emotional and spiritual wellness. Examples: • Lifestyle #3: Rely On Friends, Family, Teachers and Peers • Lifestyle #5: Build Self-Esteem and Confidence • Lifestyle #9: Recognize and Embrace Personal Challenges As thousands of recovering addicts and their families can attest, the Lifestyles of Recovery work. Instead of treating addiction as a disease, they treat it as a CHOICE. The emotional pain and trauma that leads to substance abuse is the real disease, and the LIfestyles' emphasis on personal and emotional healing helps addicts address past pain and move beyond it, making freedom possible. "There's More Than One Way to Get to Cleveland" also tells the intense, shocking and ultimately hopeful stories of ten former addicts who have worked with Racing for Recovery to overcome the addictions that blighted and almost ended their lives. These courageous individuals share their stories in all their gruesome detail, illustrating not only the depths to which drug and alcohol abuse can cause us to sink, but the hope that exists for anyone who chooses to embrace sobriety. As Todd says, "With sobriety, anything is possible!"
About the author
Todd Crandell, Professional Counselor (PC) and Licensed Chemical Dependency Counselor III (LCDC III), is the founder and President of Racing for Recovery™ and has dedicated his personal and professional life to achieving the goal of preventing substance abuse in adolescents and individual, as well as offering a positive alternative to those currently battling addiction. Todd’s own thirteen year struggle with drugs and alcohol nearly destroyed his life. It devastated relationships with family and friends and shattered the promise of a professional hockey career. Todd quit using drugs and alcohol on April 15, 1993, and has been sober ever since. In the process of rebuilding his life, Todd realized traditional recovery programs were not enough to maintain his sobriety. He needed something more. He chose to compete in the most grueling sport imaginable, the Ironman Triathlon. Todd ran his first triathlon in 1999 and has never stopped. He has completed twenty full-length Ironman events all over the world and in 2008 he was the only person in the world to complete Ultraman Hawaii and six days later complete Ironman Western Australia. In 2009 Todd completed Ultraman Canada and became one of 23 individuals in the world who have completed both Ultraman Triathlons. Crandell’s first experience competing in these events had such an inspiring effect on individuals in his hometown and, in 2001, was the catalyst to forming Racing for Recovery™. Additionally, Crandell’s first book, “From Addict To Ironman,” co-written with John Hanc, gives an unflinching account of his addiction and recovery and has motivated thousands of people in their battle to overcome drug and alcohol addiction. The newly released full-length documentary, “Running with Demons”, opened to rave reviews and was won Best Documentary Feature at the 2012 Pennine Film Festival. The filmmakers were the only crew granted unprecedented access to the Ultraman™ Canada course. The film follows one man’s journey toward redemption and the potential loss this commitment brings with it.