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  • Genre:HISTORY
  • SubGenre:Military / World War II
  • Language:English
  • Pages:250
  • eBook ISBN:9781617927782

Then To Now

Another soldiers story

by Lloyd A Pflueger

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An Autobiography of nearly 90 years of personal battles.Through the young years of grade school in the country. To high school in a small town during the great depression, a huge drought, and a grasshopper invasion that ate everything i could imagine, desperate to get out of Nebraska ate the age of 15. volunteering to fight in WWII, saved him from one problem only to have another. from that time on it seemed to get a lot worse before it would get better. as the story of an exciting and dangerous life unfolds..
This is a story of a boy, born in the excitement of the early twenties when times were great. After the flu epidemic of the first world war, leading up to the flappers, and prohibition. speak easy's, fast cars, and an end to the old ways of thinking. Hitler came to power, and changed the world. He made a way for the people suffering from the stock market crash of 1928 and 29. To regain their losses, and build the greatest mound of war materials and ships the world had ever seen. An Army, Navy, and technology that 18 year olds in Nebraska could only dream of. The author of this story is living it in true reality. Watching the fighter planes flying over Northeast Nebraska on their way to Russia via Fairbanks Alaska. All the while, wishing the pilot to be in his place Cultivating the corn with a single row horse drawn cultivator. Little did he know that in a year, He would be up there flying in a B-17 bomber, and not so sure he liked it. but he was rescued from a dull world of drought, bad crops and poverty. From that time on it was a fight to survive. As you read on you will see a unique way of telling 60 years of excitement. Alaska living in the 40's, till the 80's, nicely told with humor and anguish. Life is not all a bowl of cherries it seems there are pits to contend with. No one other than the author tells an inside story like this about a life of learning, and keeping a sense of peculiar Nebraska humor. A good twelve hour read, interesting from cover to cover.
About the author
The author is an 88 year old man with a lot of experiences to tell about the twenties in Northeast Nebraska. going to school in the thirties. Graduating in time to be drafted into the army air force, training in the desert. and eventually spending the last 5 months of the war flying as a gunner on a B-17 in Italy flying over Vienna and Munich then hauling food supplies to the starving people after the war in Northern Italy. coming home to unemployment with training as a machine gunner at 30,000 feet went to Alaska to find work and an occupation . Spent the next thirty five years in Alaska.