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Book details
  • Genre:FICTION
  • SubGenre:Literary
  • Language:English
  • Series title:Inheritance Hijacking in the American Family
  • Series Number:1
  • Pages:138
  • eBook ISBN:9781617927850


Death is not the end...the inheritance dispute lives on.

by Robert C. Adamski

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Despicable behavior becomes the norm when an inheritance is at stake, even in the best of families. A lawyer involved in an inheritance theft becomes entangled with the wife of a swindler and the judge handling the case. He endangers his already struggling marriage and becomes a victim of inheritance theft along with the judge handling the court proceedings. Each of the thieves is a first time criminal motivated by primal urges which are out of character but impossible to resist.
Despicable behavior becomes the norm when an inheritance is at stake, even in the best of families. When a Ponzi Scheme is uncovered the victims, and those scrambling to inherit or steal from the victims, are thrown together to fight for what they can’t bear to live without. Attorney Jan Kobak, who represents some victims, develops a relationship with the beautiful wife of the jailed embezzler who has her own agenda. The Judge handling the case smells out Jan’s indiscretions. Jan’s legal career as well as the victims and the future of their families are at risk. Robust characters, sexual enticement, deceit, mismatched relationships, dysfunctional family history and psychological problems mix and are played out in bringing the competing interests to a head. Right and wrong is in the eye of the beholder. The Judge, himself a victim of an inheritance hijacking which almost ruins his life, carries his bias and prejudice into the courtroom where he must decide what is black and what is white when only grey areas are presented to him. To quote from the book: "What would otherwise be considered to be despicable behavior in our society is thought to be normal and ordinary when an inheritance is in play." In the end everyone receives what they deserve with threads leading to the sequel.
About the author
Robert C. Adamski is an attorney with over thirty years experience in handling inheritance disputes, the skeletons in every family's closet. He is the author of INHERITANCE HIJACKERS: Who Wants to Steal Your Inheritance and How to Protect It, the first non-fiction guide to inheritance problems and how to solve them. THEIR FIRST SERIOUS CRIMES is the author's first work of literary fiction. In his career as a lawyer and advocate Attorney Adamski learned that inheritance hijacking is always a surprise to the victim because the criminal is always a trusted individual who the victim would not think capable of hijacking their inheritance.