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Book details
  • Genre:FICTION
  • SubGenre:Urban & Street Lit
  • Language:English
  • Pages:256
  • eBook ISBN:9781620955161

The WayMor 2nd Edition

by Will Smith 1 and Tony Smith

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Follow the sound, just a few steps down….and disappear into the music and laughter. The WayMor: a jazz club where you just might get way more than you bargained for. They thought it would be just another night on the town, but Marvin, Shirley, Crystal, Emily, Lucky and Kenny are in for far more…average people pushed to their limits when passions, obsessions and secret desires collide. Will it end in betrayal, tragedy or triumph? Find out ….The WayMor
She'd had enough. She'd been parked several doors down from his house since she left The Waymor: a jazz club where the mesmerizing sounds of: Marvin, Lucky, Kenny and Perry - the men behind the music - stirs passion, shake convictions and blows a familiar tune of betrayal and deception. Take a few steps down the stairs towards the laughter, smoke-filled room and "feel good" jazz. Meet Shirley, Crystal, Mary and Emily at The Waymor. Find out why friends and desires collide; what really matters in their lives and how far will they go to win at this crazy game we call love. Will they be triumphant, will it end in tragedy; or will they experience way more than they bargained for at The Waymor? Will Smith I is a long time Philadelphia resident and a key figure in the Philly Jazz scene. Now a retired successful business man, he has his own music label, Philly Through My Ear. He also participates in a number of philanthropic charities & events. Tony Smith is a retired educator and lifelong musician in the Philadelphia tri-state area. Together they penned The Waymor, where they guarantee that you will get way more than you bargained for!
About the author
Will Smith Sr. and Tony Smith met in 2005 while in the preparatory stages of recording a second CD under the PTME label. PTME, Philly Through My Ear, was founded by Will Smith Sr. Tony was working as a trumpet player on the album, and following the recording, Tony made frequent trips to Will’s house to pick up CDs. Occasionally, he would also partake in a short game of pool. As the pool games became longer and more frequent, Will and Tony begin to share their life experiences. Will spoke of growing up as an only child in North Philly, founding and running an ice business, his world famous son, and his desire to enhance his computer and guitar skills, as well as becoming better versed in film and music production. Tony shared of his life growing up in the east side of Wilmington, Delaware with seven siblings, learning to play the trumpet, attending college and graduate school, becoming a high school Vice Principal by day and jazz musician by night. What brought about the most laughter was the many characters Will and Tony encountered upon their journeys through life. Will spoke of his diverse group of friends, the ice house workers, and the many musicians he knew. Tony spoke of the many personalities in one family that comes with having seven brothers and his encounters as a teenage musician. Somewhere, amongst the conversations, the seed was planted for a book and movie. Tony and Will drew upon the people they knew for inspiration – their friends, fellow musicians, wives of musicians, jazz club patrons, club owners, bartenders and store owners. Will did extensive research about storytelling and the art of theme and character. There were numerous rounds of reading, re-reading, restructuring, editing and revisions. Finally, The WayMor took shape into a book…and, at the same time, The WayMor took on a life of its own.