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Book details
  • Genre:FICTION
  • SubGenre:Satire
  • Language:English
  • Pages:288
  • eBook ISBN:9780975656402

The Virgin Sacrifice

by Michael J. Roberts

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A social satire set in modern day Florida. A young girl is discovered pregnant in a convent orphanage and the Mother Superior claims it to be a miracle. The social worker claims it's a crime and a struggle for custody ensues over an argument that the girl is entitled to an abortion. The potential virgin birth becomes a Culture War flashpoint and draws in an influential bishop, a billionaire and the ambitious Florida governor - as well as a media mogul looking for the next presidential hopeful to manipulate. A prominent evangelical preacher muscles in on the act insisting that the unborn baby is the Second Coming of Jesus. Battle lines are drawn as the case gets all the way to the supreme court who has to rule on this unholy mess.
Social worker Taylor Diaz has a problem. At a Catholic convent on the Gulf Coast a young resident named Mary is pregnant and may be able to have an abortion under Florida law as the victim of a sex crime. Mother Superior is insisting it's a miracle – and that the girl is still a virgin. Publicity from Taylor's court case creates a media hurricane. Using it to jockey for the GOP Presidential candidacy, the Governor has friends in high places, a billionaire Catholic power broker and the local Bishop. This Catholic triumvirate is hell bent on stopping the abortion and Taylor becomes embroiled in a battle with them as well as her own Catholic Cuban American family. From stage left, an Antipodean media baron and his right-wing commentators on HEN news, start milking it as another Culture War issue, along with an Evangelical mega-Church pastor who wants to claim the 'divine' baby as the Second Coming of Jesus. And, oh yeah – like the original Virgin Mary, this Mary is only 12 years old! In a post-Roe world, where the gains of decades of progressive feminism have been thrown under the wheels of political machinery, a brave woman fights back. Is Mary's baby a heavenly gift or the product of a criminal abuse? Taylor and her allies race against time, the church and the media to find out the truth before Mary becomes the ultimate pawn sacrifice. The stage is set! The Virgin Sacrifice is a scathing look at the mired, endless cycle of Culture Wars in the Divided States of America and a reminder that the poisonous Gordian knot of religion, money and politics in America are forever entwined.
About the author
Michael is a writer, musician and producer with an interest in history, songwriting, religion and politics.