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  • Genre:RELIGION
  • SubGenre:Biblical Studies / Old Testament / Poetry & Wisdom Literature
  • Language:English
  • Pages:250
  • Paperback ISBN:9781483588933

The Teacher's Words

by Delvaris Booker

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Notes from the Author In this book You will learn the spiritual meaning behind words to help you better understand the language of Christ and his kingdom. You will learn how to choose words, and use words wisely before speaking, and while speaking or preaching. Some topics and concepts maybe repeated to add emphasis on a specific matter. At the end of each chapter you will find a section that is entitled word study for small groups and these are word messages that I have preached among the people they are anointed words from Christ and have been released into the atmosphere for your benefit. Please feel free to study them or preach them. If they distract you from your reading flow feel free to bypass them and revisit them at your own convenience, as I stated before they are there for your benefit as you need them. I truly hope that this book blesses and empowers you to preach the mighty Word of the Lord, in name of Jesus Christ the Word, and I am looking forward to growing with you and this literary journey!
This books serves as a brief introduction into the ministry of Book of Life Church of Christ Inc. We are a wordtronics ministry of Christ that serves the Word by communicating his words which allows us to teach biblical and spiritual literacy. Biblical & Spiritual literacy is defined as reading, writing, speaking, spelling, and pronouncing the Word of Christ. We read the Word because it gives us a physical connection to the Lord, makes us aware of what he has said, and expands our spiritual vocabulary. We write the Word because it allows us to utilize, and apply what the Lord has taught us. We teach the Word because it sharpens us as minsters as well as the person you are teaching as it is written iron sharpens iron or sword sharpens sword. We preach the Word because faith comes from hearing the Word. We Prophesy because it reveal the Word. We incorporate all the principles listed above to educate God’s ministers in the spiritual language arts. We are on a mission to promote biblical literacy in the churches because as the Lord said my people perish for lack of knowledge. We want the Lord’s people to receive spiritual degrees not like the degrees of men given to be recognized by men we want people to graduate into being recognized by the Lord. We are not against educational institutions however some educational institutions are being used as a place to corrupt the children of God and to discredit Jesus Christ as the living word. The world does not know that Christ is alive because they do not know his word. Christ is alive to us because we hear his word and we make him alive to others when we speak his word. Jesus said my sheep hear my voice or my sheep hear my word, but all of creation knows the word that created it. To know the Word is to have an intimate relationship and understanding the living Word Christ who is the creator all of all words both on earth and in heaven. The word is not a unit in language or a part of a description the Word is a Person, and that person is Jesus Christ and if Christ is a person then he himself using language arts to communicate with us. Without the Word we would not be able to describe anything, so the Word is the reason that we have a voice because the whole universe is verbal and responds to words. -Delvaris Booker President of Book of Life Church of Christ Inc.
About the author
Delvaris Booker is the Lead Servant at Book of Life Church of Christ Inc. He resides in Sheboygan Wisconsin with his beautiful wife Monic Booker.