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Book details
  • Genre:SELF-HELP
  • SubGenre:Personal Growth / General
  • Language:English
  • Pages:620
  • eBook ISBN:9781929526024

The Shift from Sheep to Shepherd of Your Own Soul

A Life Purpose Manifesto

by S.L. "Raja" Crumby

Book Image Not Available Book Image Not Available
As a precursor to a “new world unfolding,” the unsettling undercurrents of rampant change have instigated a shift that is fostering a revolution in consciousness. Its momentum is fueled by an inner discontent, the dynamics of which are tugging at the very fiber of our collective souls. The Shift from Sheep to Shepherd of Your Own Soul - A Life Purpose Manifesto is a work that resonates in rapt accord with the times we face. This shift portends a “spiritual recalibration” that is bent on drawing each of us into remembrance of our unassailable contract with the energies that fostered us into existence. At its crux, it is availing us the opportunity to confront and reexamine what we’ve embraced as immutable; or as our principles, core values and ultimate truth. Our contract with life is a “commitment to authentic living” that encompasses the higher tenets of each of our roles as cosmic citizens. Consequently, we are each charged with making choices that will either usher us into alignment with the truth of our reason for being, or herd us deeper into the stockyards of sheep consciousness. In The Shift from Sheep to Shepherd of Your Own Soul - A Life Purpose Manifesto, Raja (Certified Life Coach, Life Purpose Consultant, Singer/Songwriter, and Author) steps boldly into his calling. He avails wisdom gleaned from mastering life circumstance to set a baseline for exploring, disclosing and counteracting the programming and subsequent behavioral patterns that have rendered mass consciousness obliged to being herded as sheep.
In the truest sense, by way of living purposefully, The Shift: From Sheep to Shepherd of Your Own Soul - A Life Purpose Manifesto is a promissory installment on my soul’s contract with the universe and a timely act of stewardship over the domain assigned me of my Creator(s). As a manifesto, it is a declaration of intentions, opinions, objectives, or motives relating to what the ensuing shift in consciousness portends for humanity. It is tendered as a salute and, hopefully, an aid to those choosing to respond affirmatively to the appeal to lift our heads above the ground-level stench of the sheep yard of mass consciousness. It portends an occasion to infuse our lungs with the fresh air of an expanded awareness of our unfettered accessibility to knowledge of our true life purpose or reason for being. Though intended to administer a timely nudge to our soul’s mandate to live authentically, my observations may, instead, cause you to draw back. They may, in fact, prove an offense to the sensibilities of those incapable of glimpsing beyond the ego’s attachments to limited concepts and labels that are little more than brands expedient for herding sheep. These attachments include but are not limited to race, religion, political ideology, and other social enticements and endearments. While this shift in self-awareness constitutes a major step along the path from mediocrity to mastery, it is a quest that can only be undertaken upon committing to squarely facing ourselves in the cosmic mirror. Thus, the time has arrived for me to encourage you to embark the path of naked muster the courage to imagine if not clearly see and experience ourselves absent these pseudo-protective facades. This is the process through which we may reacquaint ourselves with the true essence and power of our humanity. Given a true desire to experience change within ourselves and, consequently, within our world; the impending energy downloads implicated in the shift in collective consciousness will prove sufficient for peeling back the layers of illusion to enable us to see, acknowledge, rectify, and rise above our penchent for being herded into undue compliance with behaviors that defy our humanity. In this regard, a quote, by George Orwell, that states “In times of universal deceit, telling the truth is a revolutionary act,” speaks most pointedly to the revolution that occurs in individual consciousness - and, thus, the greater world - when we each commit to rise up to depose the tyrannical rule of self-deceit.
About the author
Through the spirit of his words and the power of pure intent, Raja, gifted writer, speaker, lyricist, vocalist and publisher reminds us of the indelible and undeniable presence of divine creativity within each of us. He deeply believes that rekindled memories of who we are, at our core, will compel us to embrace our roles in constructing a "New Social, Spiritual, Political and Economic Paradigm." His dedication to the belief that a shift in collective consciousness is on the horizon - a shift that will facilitate our ascension to a place where unconditional love and divine self-government reign supreme - is deeply felt in his writings, which include several books and his trademarked "New Paradigm Music." In such songs as, "Rise," "Anytime We Come Together," "The Voices of Change," "I Come (A Song of Spiritual Renaissance)," Raja shares his vision of a space in consciousness that is absent of fear, guilt or blame; where the default mode is to honor our humanity's quest for the best and highest for all concerned. In this space, ego-driven perspectives are usurped by divine insight, allowing us to create from our essence and live from the dictate of our core truths and authentic selves. As early as age five, Raja sought solace from an unwelcome if not oppressive environment by scaling the barb-wired fence that separated the back yard of his home from a stand of woods and a nearby farmer's cow pasture.There, in his "private sanctuary" he vividly recalls the "conversations with God" that were key in grounding his early life with a sense of purpose. He emerged from these consults with the sense that the way he pressed through hardship, persevered to accomplish his goals and, ultimately, processed the events of his life would bear fruit for humanity. This grounding has proved invaluable in sustaining him during times when the course of his life seemed to offer no sense of rhyme or reason. Determined that he would embrace and mirror a set of values that would enable him to demonstrate that the power to manifest our destiny and dreams is within our hands, Raja recalls committing to live with his eyes wide open for clues for making each step of his life journey meaningful. Those values, which include self-love, personal discipline and responsibility, respect for self and others, and a solid work ethic have ushered Raja to this most propitious time in his life and in the lives of those he has come to serve. Raja shares that, with due credit and consideration granted to his time as a pulpit minister, he is predisposed to a true spiritual perspective. Through living with his spiritual eyes open, he funnels insight, which speaks to a greater potentiality that can only be explored when we honor ourselves enough to seek to understand and truly master our life path and, thereby, apply our inherent value in service to the needs of the collective. A few years back, his mother asked if he recalled his ability to see what we termed "ghosts," when he was a toddler; and he did. As a teenager, of his own volition, Raja became so involved with the Pentecostal church that his punishment was that he could not attend. Choosing to throw off unreasonable restraints, and having just completed a stellar junior year in high school, Raja accepted what he considered the self-empowering though extremely difficult side of an ultimatum given by his stepfather and left home. Personal discipline and fortitude forbade him to be drawn to drugs or any other aspect of the street life. Consequently, he would finish high school in a respectable position in his graduating class, while living primarily on his own. Raja sets forth that his life has been tantamount to "an assignment," which he has embraced and serviced with a high level of mastery. Consequently, one can sense, in each of his works, a profound sense of the love, joy and honor to be found in selfless service to the higher principles of the Law of our Souls.
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