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  • SubGenre:Finance
  • Language:English
  • Pages:128
  • eBook ISBN:9780615556352

The Real World of Credit

Don't hate the creditor, hate the credit game

by Wayne Sanford

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Your Credit Score controls your financial life! The choices or decisions you make TODAY can and will affect you down the road for years to come. The Credit System seems designed to penalize you for doing the "right thing". Too many “Credit Expert" books out there today contain “filler pages” which are designed to give the appearance of more content and help for the consumer. This book has no filler in it, there are no “Secrets the Credit Bureaus don’t want you to Know" or any silly statement like that. This book has exactly what a consumer needs to understand and deal with in the year 2011 and beyond. Created and designed to keep your attention and to keep you LEARN, APPLY and learn how to win the game of Credit in the Real World.
Finally, you have access to a credit education book written in an easy to ready, color format with the specific goal to keep your attention and help you reach your goals of a brighter financial future. The Real World of Credit offers you current advice on dealing with credit issues brought about by a variety of "real world" experiences – marriage, divorce, over-spending, child support, bankruptcy, debt settlement and more. We live in two separate world – the "perfect world" where everything happens as it should and the "real world" where the credit game often plays us for fools. Learn from a credit expert how to win the credit game and increase your ability to provide a more financially sound future for you and your family. Do you know how to protect yourself from those harassing collections agencies? Should you choose bankruptcy, debt settlement or credit repair? Do not become a victim of the credit industry and the game they play to frustrate you into giving up your consumer rights. Your credit score is a three digit number which virtually controls your financial life. It often determines what you can purchase, drive, where you can live and work. Before you rebuild your credit, you must understand what your credit is and how it controls your life. The Real World of Credit offers you the tools to successfully win the credit game – teaching you how to deal with the problems of the "real world" and how those decisions you make today will affect you tomorrow.
About the author
Wayne Sanford, also known as “Wayne the Credit Guy,” is the owner of New Start Financial Corporation. With nearly a decade of experience working in the credit industry, Sanford has personally reviewed more than 11,000 consumer credit files for mortgage professionals, investment groups and consumers. Sanford is a MCE Educational Provider for the State of Texas for the Texas Real Estate Commission and is often called to serve as a credit source for companies like Bankrate.com, FoxBusiness.com, CreditCards.com, Money Magazine and others. Labeled as the “Company with Credentials,” New Start Financial Corporation works with financial professionals and consumers across the country. Sanford and his staff offer “real world” advice and help layout the best course of action for consumers to achieve the financial goals they set for themselves. Sanford’s understanding of credit laws, how they function and the ways in which they are interpreted by credit bureaus, creditors and collection agencies is key to his success.