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Book details
  • Genre:FICTION
  • SubGenre:General
  • Language:English
  • Pages:92
  • eBook ISBN:9781617925238

The Nightmare Heist

by C. S. Bronner

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A group of desperate teenagers conspire a plan with an acquaintance who is driven by vengeance. They attempt to heist sensitive information that can bring quick and easy cash to fix all their problems. Toy, the future prom queen; Ace, the goofy thug; Eric, the sophomore nerd; and C2, the mysterious goth; use their connections from Crystal when she shows them how to rip off people who deserve it. They hope to make it a seamless transaction, until one thing after another goes nightmarishly wrong.
Crystal was wrongfully accused of stealing from her job and was fired on the spot. She now wants revenge any way she can get it, even if it means leaving it up to a few immature teenagers to get the job done. To retaliate against the company that ruined everything for her, she conspires a half-baked plan with Toy who calls in reinforcements - Ace, the crafty thug, to help her heist the sensitive information; and Eric, the financial connect, to turn it into lots of quick cash. Shortly after beginning the operation, their plan gets modified when Toy and Ace are caught red-handed by a practically invisible classmate, C2. Now, they must compromise with her and give her an equal share of their profits, just to keep her from turning them in. Each player in this crime has their own personal reasons for being involved, be it a desperate need to solve a financial situation, the desire to earn the affection of someone they are absolutely crazy about, or the wish to simply be recognized as the awesome person they've always been. No matter what their reasons, everything will change for these adolescents as the stress of this nightmare heist melts away every stupid little reason teenagers choose who they will and won't hang out with.
About the author
Typical of an introvert, C. S. Bronner spent a quiet childhood enamored with the art of writing books.