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  • Genre:FICTION
  • SubGenre:Visionary & Metaphysical
  • Language:English
  • Pages:148
  • eBook ISBN:9781483548562

The Mirror

by Steve Taylor

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I read a quotation somewhere, saying: "We live in this world to feel at home”. I would say: "We live in these worlds to feel home in all of them”. Friends are always close to your home. Friends are essential. They stand up for you when they got to know you better. Usually, people with CLEAN mind have a lot of friends. It takes time until a new community gets to know and accepts you. First, personal prejudices and discrimination have to pass away. Thus, you can have many friends at different places.
You know, there are people who love to annoy each other. We may also say that they dig holes for their fellow-men and they laugh at them when they fall into. They simply don’t realize that one day they can also fall into one of these holes and no one will help them. In other words, helping your friends makes the world go round. It’s like the festival Krishna believers observe every year. They’re pushing a huge cart together symbolizing how great it is when you lend others a helping hand. Maybe, everyone could sit on and push it to help others. The thing is that sometimes there some who set traps. But let’s think of the old times, for example the steps of pyramids. Let’s imagine that each step means a higher and more intelligent form of existence. Someone standing on a higher step can see the others who are under or above him. The steps are high, so you can only move one level up and only if you’re ready. If you’re not, you can just walk around on the same level. Maybe, there are some who turn back. You can make the same way many times. Neither upwards, nor downwards, only going around and around. Maybe, you have friends on upper levels that may help you to move one level up, while you can also help others on lower levels to move them one level up. Do you understand? And what about those ones standing on one leg on the top of the pyramid? Can they easily fly from one to another? Have they learned everything? “I encountered a bad idea. I got it from one of the readers of the library of the future. I didn’t want to wake you up. You have to do something that you’ve never done before. You can’t do it alone. You must speak to Oliver and Samuel. The strength of the three of you is the only thing that is essential to do that. There’s a mother expecting her baby. She would really like to have a cute baby that she has been waiting for such a long time. She would like to have a son. A few weeks ago, the silver cord of the unborn soul was tied to the body of its mother. Mommy and daddy are very happy! Do you understand so far?” “Yes” I answer. “But there’s a huge problem that someone, who is very trustworthy, read in the library of the future. At first, he was very skeptical so he asked one of the venerable astrologers to examine the previous lives of this unborn soul and called us with the results. A brutal mass murderer ever is about to be born. He is protected by evil, demonic forces that want to use the power of the dead souls to live longer. They are dumb, dark, lazy, vicious, and evil souls. That soul must be killed by the three of you! You can leave no trace. It has to be done in a closed room. Samuel and Oliver will talk to the mother, they won’t need you. Your job is to KILL him. KILL HIM! DID YOU GET IT? KILL HIM AND SMASH HIM! NOTHING CAN BE LEFT FROM HIM! THEN BURN EVERYTHING AND EVERYONE WHO COULD SEE OR MIGHT KNOW WHAT THE THREE OF YOU WERE ABOUT TO DO.
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