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Book details
  • SubGenre:Women
  • Language:English
  • Pages:253
  • eBook ISBN:9781618423955

The MAZ Factor

A Gutsy True Story to Change Your Life

by Marylin Schirmer

Book Image Not Available Book Image Not Available
A Gutsy TRUE Story To Change Your Life! by Marylin Schirmer. a.M.A.Z.i.n.g Secrets Exposed! Its like a major roller coaster ride into the valley of shocking beyond comprehension to the heights of AMAZING joy! To top it off you get to go on a ride through your own world of dreams. One doesn't air ones dirty laundry does one? Why would one expose oneself so openly when one really could let sleeping dogs lie? I must! That is why. It's worth the sour because it's what makes the sweet so magnificently sweet. Diagnosed with 2 incurable diseases, this checkout chick and barmaid was either very very VERY unlucky or was I doing something to create my own cycle of doom? Ridiculous! Or is it? Well I not only broke free, I share with you what it's like to be the most unlikely person to ever change, all the way to a standing ovation in the grand ballroom at the Melbourne Casino without having to sell my soul. I share the secrets that I used to finally discover potential that was so deeply buried within me and is buried in you too. I believe it never would have been realised without them, certainly not in this lifetime.... From never having owned a passport at 33 to taking 26 FREE overseas trips within just 15 years? Ok, so it happens, but what's the chances of it happening to someone like me? Tis most unlikely indeed. One really can heal the scars of monsters and inner torment. Even the little grazes you thought were not affecting your current life are better to be gone. I do not talk of memories, I talk of the bad energy and emotions that remain hidden within, lurking in the shadows, draining on the very energy that feeds into your level of fulfilment, ever just When you realise what causes your bad experiences you simply don't do it anymore, when you know the why, the what and the how of course.... slightly out of consciousness.... Be captivated, spellbound and prepare for the journey that will have you feel incredibly powerful and proud and present as you evolve to discover you had it in you all along for if I can do it, you can do whatever you dream of.... Learn to use this like a manual for your own self control. This book starts with me but it's about you becoming all that you can be, in just 270 pages. To your amazing life, Maz. :)
"If this woman could live such a hellish existence for 33years, being abused and oppressed, then transform her life to become Million Dollar Maz, what will you do with the information and secrets she shares with you in her book? It really is a GUTSY tell all book about how she not only escaped the hell and broke a cursed cycle but she got 'one in a million' results smashing 43 year Aust/NZ records to become number 1 in Asia Pacific. Maz is the only Australian to ever make a million dollars in production in her chosen company. From check out chick and waitress living in emergency housing as a single mother of 4 small children (after living in hiding fearing for her life) to living the dream. The MAZ Factor will change your life, literally!" Tina Thackery had to say on 29th Sept 2011:- I laughed,I cried,I got angry and swore! I couldn't put this book down. So many emotions running through me with each chapter. I was in awe wondering how much courage and love for others it must have taken to write this book. This book tells all, Marylin Schirmers inner most secrets. To share these personal lows and highs for no other reason than to help others is truely admirable. This book will prove to be an important life tool for everyone who reads this book to utilise time and time again. I found myself feeling energised and ready to take on the world. Just recently after reading this book, I have made incredible life changes and I urge you if you're looking for changes in your life, GET THIS EMPOWERING BOOK. I guarantee anyone who reads this book will not be disappointed.. Gabrielle Piper said on 1st Sept 2011:- 'Once I was absolutely resolved, voila! Twas like the hazy fog all around me just lifted and revealed an arrow, pointing me in the right direction. I couldn't see the whole stair case but I could see the first step and that was all I needed at that time', Maz. I am forever changed by the words in this book. I recommend it without reservation and I would love to see it replace the Woman's Day at Doctors surgeries, in the shelves at Abused Women shelters and on the desk's of of our teaching faculties. The open, honest and heart breaking life experiences that open Maz's story of abuse and oppression culminate in the life changing transformation that took place and will now see people from all over the world blessed with renewed hope and insight like they have never known. Marylin Shirmer went from being a repressed and beaten child, woman and mother to the current remade lady she is today by using the very principles she shares in the book. Marylin not only survived a life time of abuse, but ended the cycle and saved her children from the tragic life she had to endure. Also saving her future generations from these patterns of abuse people sometimes end up in. She remade her average life into what it is now - the stuff of dreams. But Marylin is no different from us, she has no particular claim to anything, she is just a woman that DID! She choose to wake up and get out of bed everyday and turn it around. Her straight shooting, no nonsense approach to helping you get your life together is gripping, challenging and marinated in love. Her heart shines through and I hope that I too can go on to pursue a life of purpose, achieved goals and especially reaching down to help another by sharing the heart of this book with those around me. Again,HIGHLY RECOMMENDED! I bought mine for my iPhone and I can't get enough. It may change the way you view things, especially how you see abused women and children, but I guarantee it if applied it WILL transform your life. What are you waiting for, what have you got to loose?
About the author
Marylin Schirmer was born in 1964 in a little beach community called Flying Fish Point in QLD Australia, but now lives in Ballina NSW Australia. Her childhood was one she wouldn't wish on anybody. For that matter, her first 33 years were riddled with such bad luck that she felt cursed. Realising she had probably maxed out her chances of surviving any more significant and monumental emotional events, she decided to change her life in an instant. She turned her life around so entirely that she went from an unemployed check out girl, single mother of 4 living in emergency housing who didn't even wear shoes, to break 43 year company records in Aust/NZ to become number 1 in 10 Countries in 2009 within a regularly listed fortune 500 company. She has since founded her own company called aMAZing Mind Wealth where she now helps others to break sabotaging cycles and achieve their dreams and goals. Her passion is assisting women to rid negative emotions to focus forward, onwards and upwards to develop a healthy self esteem and self confidence leading to high self worth. From there she helps them to build their wealth and ability to create their dream life. Marylin has strong messages to the world about not settling for generational abuse and passing down our own insecurities for the next generation to inherit. She encourages adults to break the cycles that limit our children so that we can build mentally healthy future adults. Her writing is passionate and soul to soul. Her first book, The MAZ Factor is her 'tell all' book that will transform you at your core. It is also a guide of exercises to breakthrough your inner obstacles. Her 2nd book, The A.M.A.Z.I.N.G Factor book is the 'how to' transform your life from where you are now to where you want to be. She lives in Ballina NSW Aust and now has 6 grandchildren and is so glad she broke the cycle for them and theirs to be free of inherited limiting beliefs. Her dream is to leave a positive indent on society that she made a difference. She wants to travel the world helping women become free of inner limits. You can find her at or [email protected]
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