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  • Genre:PETS
  • SubGenre:General
  • Language:English
  • Pages:224
  • eBook ISBN:9781483505961

The Legend of the DAR

A Promise Kept

by Robert W. Reed

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Radar, the DAR, lived a comfortable life in a loving home in the suburbs. He felt a calling, however, to experience more of the outside world and his adventure began at the old mansion not far from his home. There he met discarded dogs … companions … who lived and died in the shadows. These lonely creatures saw the DAR and his son, Beau, first as friends and later as protectors and guides to a new life. This was not an easy journey, however. Along the way they traveled this earth and beyond, welcomed abandoned felines into their little band of explorers and eventually orphaned children who suffered many of their same sorrows. All these expendable creatures were the better for having met the DAR and his family and LarZac, the alien mentor. He was a reluctant hero, but a hero nevertheless.
This is the adventure of a little dog with a brave heart, a gentle soul and a determined spirit. It is the story of Radar, the DAR, and his family’s fight against animal abuse. The DAR finds his mission in life as he is drawn into the Outer World, a world of darkness, and discovery, a world unknown. This is a tale of companionship, and inner strength, of faith and trust. It is a story of betrayal and redemption and in the end, commitment. As the DAR travels through the Outer World, he meets the abandoned and abused and discovers the true meaning of courage. DAR leads you on a journey into the universe of the Omni, and the mysterious creature, LarZac, from another dimension born thousands of years ago. DAR, the reluctant ambassador from earth, teaches a skeptical alien about the dignity of the non-humans, the four-footers (dogs and cats) and the hope for mankind. This fable is a voyage from adolescence to manhood, from desperation to hope. You will experience the sadness of death and the ultimate joy of life, pure love.
About the author
Robert Reed is an actor and poet and now, a first time novelist. The Legend of the DAR is a result of forty years of living with dogs and his passion for the plight of the unwanted and abused. In the development of this book, the author has combined his long career in corporate marketing and communications, his love of drama and poetry, with his devotion to the “four-footers;” in particular, his life with two of his special “Companions,” Radar and Beau