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Book details
  • Genre:FICTION
  • SubGenre:Action & Adventure
  • Language:English
  • Series title:Pillow and Beach Blanket Reader Collection
  • Series Number:1
  • Pages:138
  • eBook ISBN:9781483563558

The Last Leprechaun: A Blarney Tale

by Commander Groove

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The Last Leprechaun: A Blarney Tale enchants the imagination with Irish lore, American humor and an ensemble of lovable characters.  Endrick the leprechaun is the only one who knows the way to the legendary Celtic treasure, and he must outwit the band of oddballs that are after him.  Twenty dynamic cartoons illustrate this action-packed adventure for all ages!

In the year 1014, outside Dublin, the good Celtic King Brian Boru entrusts his faithful servant Endrick to guard his people's treasure trove. Endrick's pregnant wife Erin gets kidnapped by a clan of gypsy lepers, the Chauns. The vile, evil Chauns demand that Endrick betray his king by handing over the Celts' prized treasure. Endrick is torn between his loyalty to the king and his love for Erin and their unborn child.
Time travels to modern day when a wily cad named Gypsy Jones finds the only missing piece of the legendary treasure, King Boru's gold sword, at a rummage sale. Jones sets out on a mission to capture the only one who can lead him to the treasure – Endrick, who got turned into a leprechaun as punishment for his betrayal.
A fast-paced pursuit to catch the leprechaun ignites, with a motley myriad of wacky eccentrics joining Jones' quest. Endrick and his adopted son Davy try to stay one step ahead of the gang, using ingenious trickery and fascinating quick-wittedness. The tale takes us back to the Emerald Isle, where Princess Shannon awaits the treasure-hunters...
About the author


Commander Groove has a wildly imaginative mind. The swirling wackiness in his head jumps from the pages straight into readers' heads, where memories of his tales echo pleasantly forever. A lifetime of extraordinary adventures around the world gives Groove his unending overflow of madcap ideas for unpredictable, twisting plots and clever, cunning dialogue.
Groove earned a B.A. in finance, and then did nothing with that degree. He prefers manual labor. Philly-born and Philly-raised – with the accent to prove it – Commander Groove commands you and your flagging imagination to hop aboard for a groovilicious ride!
Somehow Commander Groove makes you feel like you're right there beside his heroes, living the action. The goodhearted protagonists hook you in and glue you to their escapades. His antagonists are a whole lot of fun to despise, or sympathize with, depending on how screwed up in the head you are. Commander Groove loves humanity, so expect to find his stories rich with morals good for kids and, let's face it, adults.
When Commander Groove pries himself away from his embarrassingly old laptop, he enjoys sailing. He likes the challenge of not falling overboard or crashing into rocks, and he narrowly escaped an early death by failing to prevent the latter. Nevertheless, Commander Groove plans to set sail from Philadelphia and brave the choppy Atlantic. His goal is to not disembark until he gets to Ireland, where he wants to become famous.

Illustrations were created by internationally published political cartoonist Chris Katko.  Editing done by U.C. Berkeley graduate Jennifer Norian. Graphic layout organized by April Labine and David Glenn.