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  • Genre:COOKING
  • SubGenre:Specific Ingredients / General
  • Language:English
  • Pages:142
  • eBook ISBN:9781667864990

The Joy of Plenty

How to Multiply Your Food Dollars to Eat Like Kings and Queens

by Isabel Montclaire and Charlotte Lehan

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The Joy of Plenty teaches the Plenty Method. The method adds value to your food dollars by bringing down the cost of food by about 40%. This will enable you to overcome food inflation, accumulate a backup food supply, include more organically grown and humanely raised foods in your diet, feed your children the best food on the planet, and create a beautifully organized pantry packed full of superfoods. The method also creates opportunities for face-to-face social connection, and help you do your part to support the pollinators, reduce food waste, and contribute to planetary health.
The Plenty Method, described in The Joy of Plenty, will help you feel more joy, ease, and peace around the whole topic of food. It's a six-step practice that adds value to your food dollars and transforms the way you find, buy, share, store, and prepare food. The Joy of Plenty teaches you how to form a small food buying group to access the wholesale and local farm-direct markets. You and your family, friends, and neighbors will learn how to combine an order to buy and share food in bulk. Go on a treasure hunt to find hidden food sources you never knew existed! You can join together to keep your pantries well-stocked regardless of soaring food costs. It's possible to do the Plenty Method solo, but when you rally with others it's alot more fun! I will take you out of the grocery store to visit wholesalers or farms instead. I'll show you how to buy the best food on the planet for reasonable prices. The Joy of Plenty includes advice on how to upgrade your pantry to a nutritional powerhouse, accumulate a backup food supply, prepare great meals in under 30 minutes, and experience more joy and freedom around the whole topic of food. I envision a network named the Food Hive, built by everyone who uses the Plenty Method, including the suppliers, to help bring down the cost of food. The instructions to build this network are in the book. Your participation matters! The Plenty Method is a holistic approach that not only helps you to eat better, it creates community too. If you would like to have more opportunities for face-to-face social connection, do the Plenty Method, join the Food Hive and eat the best food on the planet.
About the author
Isabel Montclaire's endless curiosity has led her to visit interesting places and explore many topics, but her passion has always been food. Her research has taken her from studying her own garden to analyzing macroeconomic trends in agriculture. When it comes to food, she focuses on quality and simplicity. She likes to dress up humble ingredients with flavor bursts and treasure hunt for the best local food sources. She was once an avid equestrian and was inspired by the German six-step system of horse training to structure the six steps in the Plenty Method. As a municipal planning commissioner, her work with local farmers, citizens, and elected officials laid the foundation for The Joy of Plenty. She has a sincere desire to help you find joy and health through the Plenty Method.