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  • Genre:RELIGION
  • SubGenre:Biblical Commentary / General
  • Language:English
  • Pages:176
  • Hardcover ISBN:9798350903270

The Importance of the Jew in God’s Overall Plan

by Jack A. Albert

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Is Christianity and Judaism different from each other? The doctrine of death. Is Jesus God? What is the gospel? Salvation.
The title of my book basically says what my book is about: Most Gentile believers in Jesus Christ don't know how important the Jews have been, and are, in God's plan for His creation. Many don't realize that the one they have put their faith in (Jesus) is a Jew. As a Gentile believer in Jesus/Yeshua the Christ/Messiah of God's chosen people Israel (the Jews), my study of God's written Word over many years has caused me to see how important the Jew is in God's plan for His creation. The majority of my brothers and sisters in Christ do not understand how important the Jew is in God's "eternal purpose." I started to come to this understanding in the early 1960's. It is my prayer that as many peoples as possible come to see how much God loves His chosen people, the Jews.
About the author
I was born near downtown Joliet, IL by Italian parents on February the 9th, 1932. Started reading the Bible in my mid teens, but didn't fully understand what Jesus accomplished until years later when I joined the Navy because of the Korean War. I joined the Navy for three reasons: One, I felt a responsibility to serve my country; Two, many of my uncles had served in the Navy during World War II; and Three, because of my religious beliefs, I felt that there was a better chance of my not having to kill anyone face to face in the Navy. After praying about it, I enlisted in the Navy in February 1951, and eventually was assigned to a ship in the amphibious branch of the Navy, named the USS Monrovia APA 31. Being in the amphibious branch of the Navy, we carried Marines and practiced amphibious landings. During one of those times there was a Marine Master Sergeant who conducted a bible class aboard my ship, and I attended it. It was in his class that I came to fully understand what Jesus did for any of us who puts their faith in Him. God honored my prayer and kept me away from combat. But it wasn't until many years later (starting in the 60's) that a cousin and I (after much prayer and study of the Bible) came to see the Jewishness of our beliefs. My cousin and I and a very close friend started a small church in Lockport, IL, but because our beliefs, for the most part, were different than typical "Christianity" we only lasted for a few years. I eventually ended up in a Messianic Jewish congregation because it was closer to my beliefs. But I no longer attend there. One reason: I don't drive long distances because of my age and some eye trouble, As I said in the preface of my first book, what I have written (with much prayer) is mainly from my own study of the Scriptures. Like the Apostle Paul, I never married. Not that I didn't desire to, but I left it up to God. I came close a few times, but it must not have been His will. Perhaps, if I had married I would never have written my books. As the Apostle Paul said: (1 Cor 7:32-34a NIV) I would like you to be free from concern. An unmarried man is concerned about the Lord's affairs--how he can please the Lord. {33} But a married man is concerned about the affairs of this world--how he can please his wife-- {34} and his interests are divided. Be that as it may, I never married. As I look back, I believe that God had spared me much grief: One died in child birth, one died of cancer, and one died, but I don't know how since I found out indirectly, years later, through the obituary of her father. I pray that God, through His Son, Jesus/Yeshua, will guide all who read my books..