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  • Genre:DRAMA
  • SubGenre:American / African American & Black
  • Language:English
  • Pages:285
  • eBook ISBN:9798350958010

The Game Is to Be Sold, Not Told

by Taali Munjiyah

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They say it's a MAN's world...but we spend 9 months being prepped for the world inside of a WOMAN. Is it really a MAN's world? Women do not get enough credit for being Bosses, and truth be told, behind every successful man, is a woman who is responsible for over seventy percent of that success. This is a true story of how I stepped into the Devil's Playground and played the GAME. They say the GAME is to be sold, not told. But I'm going to tell you a little bit.
Navigating the Devil's Playground full of narcissistic men and treacherous women, takes skill but more importantly it takes survival instincts. When you are faced with a life-or-death decision and have no time to weigh your options, what do you do? Do you fight or do you give up? If you said one or the other? You are not ready for the GAME of life. Correct answer is both. You fight and give up. You must fight to see another day, but you must give up the mentally of fighting. That is when you must play the GAME of survival. When you place yourself in a mental place of survival, it's no longer a fight. It is survival which is a mental state of mind of wanting to continue to live. That means you are not fighting but now you are doing what you need to do to survive in that moment. The GAME of life does not play fair and on this Devil's Playground, I had to do what I had to do to survive!
About the author
A Stroke Survivor, who has been through everything imaginable in life, and still continues to find joy in helping others. When I was at my lowest point in life, I found myself questioning a lot of things, people and myself mostly. Through it all, I realized the GAME of life, does not play fair no matter who you are. How rich you are or how good of a person you are. Broken crayons still color, so remember that no matter how invaluable you may feel, you are not. The GAME of life requires us all to give grace. Start with yourself...that is who deserves it the most.