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  • Genre:FICTION
  • SubGenre:African American & Black / Urban & Street Lit
  • Language:English
  • Pages:183
  • eBook ISBN:9780578144368

The Friday Night Discussions - The Music Made Me Do It

by Renee J Greene

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“Some of y'all treat this music like y'all bible man. Y'all live and die by this shit and every time you talk to these lil niggas out here, they all wanna be a damn rapper!” Jay argued. “Man, Hip Hop is entertainment. You can’t blame rappers for the stupid shit people decide to do!” Troy was fired up pushing his point of view at tonight’s Friday Night Discussion. Mom G’s Atlanta home had quickly filled up with teenagers and young adults ranging from ratchet to bougie as it usually did on one Friday out of each month. Tonight they all piled in for some of her good cookin’ and an uncensored discussion debating whether Hip Hop is bringing more hell than help to the black youth. Mom G’s unconventional approach to pulling the black youth out of their criminal and unproductive mentalities was certainly unorthodox but proven. It’s not like she and her three kids: Tarvick-29 (known as T baby), Nya-24 and Nami-19) didn’t have enough drama of their own to deal with but when it came to saving lives, their issues took the back seat. Follow this family as they go beyond the discussions doing their part to change a violent & misguided culture. Not only are you sure to be entertained, you just might relate, reevaluate and recreate your life for the better!
This book series follows a family whose mother (known as Mom G in the community), has opened her home to black youth ranging from ratchet to bougie. One Friday out of each month, the teens and young adults pile into Mom G’s Atlanta home for some of her good cooking and an uncensored discussion. Her unusual approach of pulling kids out of their criminal and unproductive mentalities and leading them toward success driven lives is certainly unorthodox but proven. It’s not that Mom G and her three children: Tarvick-29 (known as T baby), Nya-24 and Nami-19, don’t have enough relatable drama of their own to deal with but their allegiance to their mother and her commitment to the youth will draw them into some unexpected, explosive situations. Though fiction based, the vulgar and realistic dialog exchanged throughout these series depict real views, attitudes and behaviors that are perpetuated among the black youth. In these series of books I have not only set out to entertain the reader (because for the targeted readers, which are the black youth, the material must be entertaining to hold their attention) but also to have the reader do the following three things: 1. Relate to the material 2. Re-evaluate their lives (actions, decisions and behaviors) 3. If need be, Recreate themselves to live a more productive, fulfilling and positive life I can’t realistically expect these two of the three aforementioned objectives to be accomplished without some type of consistent reinforcement, thus the… LIVE FRIDAY NIGHT DISCUSSIONS The author and her team will host live discussions in a National tour beginning with Hunstville, Al. on July 25, 2014. The goal of these interactive, unorthodox discussions is to have attendees implement Friday Night Discussions in their home towns just as Mom G does. Parents and community leaders should step up and sponsor these ongoing discussions using their resources to actively assist at risk youth improve their lives. This is NOT an OUTreach program…WE GOIN’ IN!
About the author
The author’s humorous and insightful personality has always made it easy to build a great rapport with the youth. Shortly after birth in Florence, SC., the multitalented writer and her family moved to Los Angeles, CA where she was raised for the next seventeen years. At a young age,Renee was recognized for her creative writing skills; receiving awards and accolades in various areas. Even in her youth, she always had a love and concern for the well-being of children. After earning her Bachelor’s degree in Psychology in 2002, she worked as a youth counselor at a live- in rehab center with troubled youth. Though the experience fueled her desire to mentor on a greater level, for many years the multi-talent worked in the area of business and accounting as the monetary benefit to her household was more sustaining. Now this wife and mother of three handsome young boys; who motivate and her keep her inspired, has found her way back to her passion by creating this ground breaking book series entitled; ‘The Friday Night Discussions.’ In her unique approach to mentoring, she not only sets out to provide the black youth with entertaining and relatable material to read, she will also conduct interactive live discussions in multiple cities across the country to aid in changing the destructive behaviors of the black youth. She will also release a series of children’s books for the black youth that encourages life outside of stereotypes and a love of who they are in their skin.