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  • Genre:FICTION
  • SubGenre:Science Fiction / Action & Adventure
  • Language:English
  • Pages:60
  • eBook ISBN:9781623093877

The Final Outpost

Taskforce to Trigon

by Robert Chaffee

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SupplySpace ship to the Final Outpost is fired on by a Trfigon destroyer. Task force then goes to Trigon to establish peceful communications.
Tim Dobson is a space command inactive reserve Lieutenant Commander aboard an unarmed Outpost supply ship in route to outpost D1196. He was hired by Outpost Enterprises as a civilian with duties as the supply deck supervisor. While on active Military duty he is an Astrogator. He signed on this ship, one of the last that have a civilian/military crew so he could be with his love, Lieutenant Mary Hatcher the active duty communications officer. It was either sign on as a civilian or to wait for her return to Selene City on the Moon to continue their life togather. Captain James Stewart (Named after some 20th centry movie actor) has ordered a scout ship to overfly the outpost due to a pre docking communique not being answered. The scout ship is destroyed by a Trigon destroyer which then chases the supply ship. Tim is pressed into active duty as the ships Astrogator. During the pursuit of the supply ship he suggests they hide around a large asteroid. The Trigon destroyer eventually discovers them and damages the ship with a laser blast. The Trigon ship is destroyed by a Space Command light cruiser arriving in answer to their SOS. Tim, the Captain and Lieutenant Hatcher are transfered from the damaged supply ship to the cruiser which becomes a ship of the line in a large task force commanded by Captain Stewart with orders to proceed to the planet Trigon in hopes of establishing peaceful communications, if possible.
About the author
Retired (23 years) U. S. Navy. Engineer by profession. Had own Architectual business (1950) Retired from Navy Public Works Center, San Diefgo l992 At the time of my retirement I was the Division Director of the Cogeneration Division. Responsibility was for the operation and budget of two cogeneration power plants, one being the power plant for the Balboa Naval Hospital there in San Diego and the other was for the power plant for the Navy Accounting office in North Island.