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Book details
  • Genre:RELIGION
  • SubGenre:Christianity / History
  • Language:English
  • Series title:The Falsehoods of Christianity
  • Series Number:2
  • Pages:320
  • Paperback ISBN:9781543947892

The Falsehoods of Christianity: Volume Two

(A Layman's Perspective)

by Ivan P. Kovak

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In this book (the Falsehoods of Christianity Volume Two) your belief structure will not only be tested but rocked to its core by hard facts and not delusional fairytales by someone who lived over two thousand years or more. If one is a self proclaiming born-again Christian you'll feel like you've been hatched--instead of reborn. Understanding the theory behind the established Christian belief structure starts when one realizes that it is all based on faith, hope and a prayer. In the end one ends up with nothing but theories, unanswered prayers and doubts.
The subject matters of book two picks up where book one leaves off on Christianity. Yes it does continue to speak more about the characteristic's of God and Jesus Christ that was covered in book one and their make up therein but it also continues to question their existence with facts not mention earlier. Book two also goes behind the scenes of Christianity and looks into the lives of those who not only promote Christianity but do so with questionable tactics that are supported by the U.S. Constitution and protected therein by its doctrine and the U.S. Supreme Court that may seem to be best served in a mental institution. Example: The prosperity gospel is the Bible of Theologians who emphasize the American dream can be accomplished in two ways (1) Throwing Jesus Christ under the bus and (2) seed planting into their ministries. The recipients of this message of "name-it-claim it" theology are often the poor and the middle class looking for that pot-of-gold under the rainbow that doesn't exist and a United States Bureaucracy that looks the other way while their raped and pillaged by wolves of Satan.
About the author
Longevity: I was born in May 1947 in Camden N.J. and consider myself a independent socialist on the political scale. I wrote my first book in 2015 which was 400 pages. I revised my first book down to 200 pages in 2018 and also finished my second book in the self same year. My third book will be ready in late 2019 (The Falsehoods of the Bible) hopefully. I have over 40 book titles which represents various subject matters therein. The point of all this is; if one is going to be a serious writer - one needs enough book titles to feed one's ego no matter what age you are. At presently I also operate a website called Ivan P. Kovak.com were I write various weekly articles and daily quotes for the amusements of my readers. Please feel free to stop by and leave your footprint (meaning good or bad) everyone is most welcome and permitted to ask me any question you like. Take Care Ivan P. Kovak